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Newborn Photography | Athens GA

I adore at home newborn photography sessions. Makes things so much easier for tired parents. Nothing like being in the comfort of your home with all the things you need as a new parent. Great for showcasing your baby’s nursery like these parents did for their newborn photography Athens, GA session.

Newborn photography Athens GAIn home Newborn photography Athens GALifestyle newborn photography Athens GA

We started their newborn photography session in the nursery and then ended in the parents’ bedroom. These are two of the most used places with a newborn in the house. Love that mom chose this beautiful white dress for herself and white swaddles for baby. The pink seersucker bow swaddle from The Beaufort Bonnet Company was very fitting for this Southern family too. Works perfect for their home’s decor, which is where the final images will be displayed.

Newborn photography Athens GA at home.

They had a family heirloom gown that they dressed their baby girl in for her baby announcements. Such a great tradition to dress your infant in sentimental items like this. They don’t fit in them for long, so it is always a great way to document and enjoy these pieces. She was wide awake for these images, which is always a treat.

Newborn photography Athens GA in heirloom dress.

Newborn photography Athens GA with family dog.

Family pets deserve to be photographed too. Always love it when they are included in family portraits since they are such a big part of the family dynamic. This sweet pup is very much the protector and was not happy with my camera pointing at the baby, so we had to do a few tricks to make the images above happen. Worth it!

Family newborn photography Athens GAMotherhood Newborn photography Athens GAFather and daughter newborn photography Athens GA

If you are expecting and would like newborn photography in the comfort of your home, contact me to get on the calendar. It is never too early to schedule your session. You don’t want to miss out on capturing the newness of your baby within those first couple weeks of life. Inquire for details and to book your newborn photography session.  |  706.713.0676

Family With Newborn Photography In Athens, GA

Family with newborn photography sessions are some of my favorites! I just love documenting families when they are being first introduced to their new addition. This session was jut a dream! We did their session in the comfort of their home where everyone could relax and tend to their needs. It is where big brother felt most at ease, which is also important when you really want image of the siblings. Everything worked out just perfectly. I brought my light set up, which I used to give us natural looking lighting on a dark day.

Family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GA

You can really tell how much big brother adores his little sister. He was quite protective of her. He didn’t want me touching her too much, but he eventually trusted me to handle her as the session went on. Such a gentleman! He is going to be such a wonderful brother to her throughout the years. Forever best friends, I feel!

Lifestyle family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GAFamily with newborn photography taken in Athens, GAFamily with newborn photography with mom taken at home in Athens, GAFamily with newborn photography taken in home in Athens, GA.

I have little tricks to get toddlers involved in portraits when their attention span is short. I work fast too in order to ensure we get those most prized images. Aren’t these just adorable?

Motherhood Family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GAFamily with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, Georgia.

I love getting detail shots of the newborn to show just how tiny they were in those early days. Daddy’s hands really makes for a wonderful measurement of size. When this lil’ lady is older, dad will look at his hands and be amazed that his whole world fit in those two hands! Can any say, “Heart melt”?

Fatherhood Family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GANatural family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GAnewborn photography taken at home in Athens, GA

Look at those blue eyes and those pink lips! Such beauty. The blue dress in the earlier pictures really show off those baby blues, but the white and cream in the following images make them shine too.

In home Family with newborn photography taken in Athens, GANewborn photography taken at home in Athens, Georgia

Mom’s little bundle of joy was swaddled in a bow with the traditional bow swaddle by The Beaufort Bonnet Company.

Southern Family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GA

We finished the family with newborn photography session with this little lady in a special outfit that was gifted to her as a newborn present. Such a beautiful knitted outfit with the most precious details. Loe the delicate stitching and the ruffle collar.

Natural Family with newborn photography taken at home in Athens, GeorgiaFamily with newborn photography taken at home nursery in Athens, GA

Of course, we had to get some images of mom with baby in the nursery. Parents spend a lot of time and thought into designing this room, so it is important to document it with the new baby in there. This little lady was getting sleepy and needed some alone time with mom, so it was natural to get some images of this treasured moment.

I have to say, mom hit it out of the part when it comes to styling her family for their portrait session. The baby blue, white and cream color palette was perfection and so fitting for an infant. Matches their home and styling wonderfully too, which is an important thing to consider when thinking of outfits for your portrait session as well as location. Great example of what to wear for family with newborn photography sessions!

If you would like images like this, don’t hesitate to contact Athens, GA newborn photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography to set up your session. It is best to book your newborn session before your baby arrives, but if you miss that window, don’t worry. This little lady was about six weeks old during her family with newborn photography session. I photograph babies of all ages and highlight their stages just as they are. Sessions can take place at your home, outdoors or in my in home studio. Inquire for details and availability.  |  706.713.0676

Atlanta Newborn Portrait Photography

My approach to newborn portrait photography is simple, pure and timeless. I let babies be babies and don’t overly pose. I really want the beauty and features of each newborn to be the highlight and focus.

Atlanta newborn portrait photography of bundled up infant in bassinet

This little man was a dream baby at his newborn portrait photography. His parents were in the process of moving from Madison to Atlanta, but you would never know the stress they must have been under. They are just as calm as their little guy. Certainly runs in the family! Since their bassinet had not arrived yet, we used one of mine. I love how these classic pieces photograph. Great for newborns and all the milestone sessions within the first year of a baby’s life. Just one way to show their growth.

Atlanta newborn portrait photography of swaddled infantAtlanta newborn portrait photography of infant swaddledPure Atlanta newborn portrait photography

If you are expecting and would like newborn portrait photography of your infant when they arrive, contact Atlanta and Athens, GA newborn photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today. Currently booking Spring and Summer portrait sessions. Inquire for details and to be added to the calendar.  | 706.713.0676

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