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Athens, GA Professional Newborn Photography

Over the weekend I had the privilege to spend the morning documenting this sweet two month old baby girl with her family during her professional newborn photography session. It is always an honor to be welcomed into the homes of clients as they start their lives with a new baby!

Athens, GA professional newborn photography of 2 month old baby girl with her 2 year old brother.

Look at these two! Big brother, who is two years old, absolutely adores his baby sister and I think the feeling is quite mutual. Can’t you just feel the love here? So sweet.

Adjusting to the new dynamic of the family can be sometimes a hard one for older siblings. After all, the eldest was the center of the universe until another human came into the scene. But, this little man doesn’t seem to have an issue sharing the spot light with his little sister. No jealousy at all here. What a blessing for the parents.

During the professional newborn photography session, this little girl was very alert, which really allowed for some great images of her where you can really see those beautiful blue eyes and her facial reactions that are just the sweetest. Since she is almost three months old, we were also able to get a lot of smiles, which is not something that you usually get with newborn sessions. Great capturing that big milestone of this little lady. Such a dream baby.

Big brother has such a great personality and is very much a two year old, minus tantrums! He has lots of energy, loves to play, is super curious and has a mind of his own. He really loved all my blankets and chose which one he wanted to use for certain images. Didn’t he do a great job with the one he chose in the image shown here? Goes so well with his sister’s sweater set and his blue bubble.

Talking about their outfits, I just have to say what a great job mom did picking out the family’s wardrobe. The choice of baby blue, white and cream was such a wonderful choice. The color palette will also look great when the finished artwork is displayed in their home as there is a lot of blue and white in their home. Such a classic choice. Great example of what to wear for professional newborn photography!

If you are expecting or have recently had a baby, consider a professional newborn photography session to document these first days with your baby. Most newborn sessions are done within the first couple weeks of life, but if you opt for a session after that, no worries. All babies of all ages are worth documenting and I can capture your little one beautifully at any time! To schedule a session and for more details, inquire today. I look forward to hearing from you! | 706.713.0676


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Bald Head Island Summer Family Photos

Summer is the perfect time to take it easy, relax and reconnect with family. Many families head to the beach or other destination to do just that! Perfect time for Summer family photos. This is exactly what one of my long-time clients did this past June! They met up with their family at their beach house on Bald Head Island and commissioned me to come and take their summer family photos. Hurricane Isaias hit the island the day before their session, but luckily their home was not damaged and the ferry was running just in time for their session. There was some debris on the beach, but I was able to find a nice area where things were in good shape right down from where they were staying. Phew!

Siblings Summer family photos at Bald Head Island.Siblings beach vacation Summer family photos at Bald Head Island.

When we met up, everyone was in good spirits after a day in the sun on the beach. They hadn’t seen each other for quite some time due to COVID-19, so it was extra special when they were finally reunited. Cousins truly are like best friends (or siblings). I loved watching them cuddle and play together. Both sets of parents did a great job coordinating everyone too. As you know, that is not always an east feat with extended families, but it was a seamless fusion!

Cousins Summer family photos at beach at Bald Head Island, NCCousins Summer family photos at Bald Head Island, NC

Motherhood Summer family photos at Baldhead Island

What a great looking family here! They were just the sweetest and very welcoming. They love having fun and I knew they were enjoying the start of their trip together with how everyone was interacting during their session. Pure love here. I know I already mentioned their outfits, but the images below really showcase how well everyone coordinated together! Perfect example of what to wear for beach Summer family photos.

Extended summer family photos at Bald Head Island.

Grandparents and children summer family photos at Bald Head Island beach.Beach summer family photos at Bald Head Island.Grandchildren summer family photos at Bald Head Island beach.Vacation summer family photos Bald Head Island

At the end of the session, we let the kids play in the water and just be kids! This last bit of time is perfect for showing off those fun personalities and relationships for summer family photos. It’s really where they can let loose and not care so much about their outfits anymore. It is so hard for littles to stay out of the water and not get too sandy during beach sessions. Cannot blame them one bet. It is certainly tempting!!!! So, going for a dip is great incentive during the session for kiddos.

Cousins summer family photos Bald Head IslandVacation summer family photos at Bald Head Island, NC.

This little lady was not a fan of the water or sand, so while everyone else played, she explored and got some cuddle time with mom on the way back to their house. Such a beauty like her mom.

Motherhood beach vacation summer family photos at Bald Head Island.

Vacation summer family photos at beach home on Bald Head IslandVacation summer family photos at beach home on Bald Head Island, NC

Just as I was about to leave, I noticed these little feet and legs under the outdoor shower and I had to get some images from my vantage point. Wouldn’t this make the perfect image for a bathroom or shower room? Ahhhh…the signs of Summer.

If you are planning a vacation and would like me to come to capture your Summer family photos while you are there, just let me know. I’d be happy to discuss details with you.  |  706.713.0676


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Motherhood Lifestyle Photography In Watkinsville, GA

A couple of nights ago I had the privilege of holding a family lifestyle photography session in this beautiful field in Watkinsville. Prior to the pandemic, this beautiful mom’s husband gifted her with a gift certificate for a portrait session. Unfortunately, things got delayed due to the crazy times of COVID-19, but she finally got her dream session with the loves of her life! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift that she finally got to utilize. She sure waited patiently for these images!

Motherhood lifestyle photography of a mom with her two young children in a field in Watkinsville, GA.

Mom had mentioned that she wanted a field lifestyle photography session and I had a few locations in mind that I know photograph beautifully. After doing some location scouting with exactly what type of field she had in mind, I found this particular place that I knew would be perfect. I actually drive by this area almost daily and it takes my breath away every single time I pass it in the early morning or late afternoon. Quite magical at sunrise or sunset with how the sun peeks through the trees and makes the tall grass shimmer. We were originally going to do a sunrise session, but we moved in to the evening to get the angles she wanted and to have dry grass and bit warmer temperatures. So beautiful!

This family of four is just the sweetest and really hold a special place in my heart. They happen to live across the street from me, so I get the honor of watching these two little ones grow over the years. Big sister was born a few days before we moved into our house and she is now the same age that my daughter was when we moved here. I adore her personality. She has great fashion sense, speaks her mind, tells great stories, has a great imagination, loves the outdoors and absolutely adores her brother. Little brother seems to go with the flow and follows his sister around. He has the most soulful eyes, is extremely thoughtful and loves running and exploring. He is at the age where he is testing his independence and therefore likes to do things on his own, but still loves being held and being cuddled. There is a picture that I love from their session, where he cuddles into his sister’s lap, which is something I have seen quite a bit from across the street. What a great time these two will have growing up together. They are SO close!

I have to talk about their wardrobes for a moment as mom did such a fantastic job picking out their outfits. I adore the color palette of pastel green, pink, white and tan. Perfecting for a lifestyle photography session in a natural field. I am in love with mom’s dress and how she chose pink earrings to bring in the pink of her daughter’s tulle dress. Dad is not pictured here, but he wore tan pants and a white linen button up top with the sleeves rolled up. Such classic choices and really works well together. Keeps focus on the family members and is super pleasing to the eye. Great example of what to wear for family portraits for Spring and Summer.

Yvonne Niemann Photography is currently booking Summer portrait sessions. Both petite and premium sessions are available. Inquire for details and to get on the calendar. | 706.713.0676

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