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Dogwood Bloom Family Photos In Oconee County, GA

I saw first blooms of dogwoods the other day, which means it is time to book your dogwood bloom family photos. The images below were taken mid-April last year when the dogwoods were on their last leg. I would suggest getting on the calendar today for the first couple of weeks in April. If the blooms come earlier or later that your scheduled date, I will let you know and we can adjust your session to ensure you get the best of the white flowers! So fitting for Spring portraits in celebration of Easter!

Family photos in Oconee County, GA with dogwood blooms.siblings walking in woods in Oconee County, GA in the Spring.Tween girl among dogwood blooms in Oconee County, GAChild photos near Athens, GA with dogwood blooms. Little girl dancing among dogwood blooms in Oconee County, GA.Teen boy in woods of Oconee County, GA in the Spring.Siblings in woods near Athens GA in the SpringSisters photos in Springtime in Oconee County, GA woods.Sibling photos in Oconee County, GA in the Spring.

Love the pastel color palette this family chose for their dogwood bloom family photos. Perfect for this time foyer and all the fresh greens in the wilderness. Great way to coordinate, while not being too matchy. The white ruffled dress is one from the Yvonne Niemann Photography wardrobe closet, which all clients have access to.

We held their session at my outdoor studio in Oconee County, GA. The dogwood trees photograph beautifully here and the wooded pathways and creek give a lot of variety. Perfect spot for portraits!

I have been photographing this beautiful family for quite a few years now and it is always such a pleasure to capture them during important milestones. Big brother is a Freshman in high school now, middle sister is in middle school and baby sister is towards the end of her elementary journey. They are super close and are great companions. They sure are lucky to have each other. You can really tell that they adore each other and get along. Love how they are naturally holding hands in the creek as they explore and support their little sister. Mom mentioned how the girls love doing each other’s hair, so we made sure to document that. Isn’t it just beautiful?

If you are wanting Spring portraits, don’t hesitate to contact me and to get on the calendar. Dogwoods will be ready soon!  |  706.713.0676

Family Photo Shoot at Athens Ben Epps Airport

I had a fun family photo shoot last night at the Athens Ben Epps Airport. This little man and his brother are obsessed with airplanes and they spend a lot of time a the local airport to watch the planes, look at the control center and just take in all the magic that this location hold for them. Great place for their family photo session. I picked this particular image for their sneak peek as it really shows the joy and magic of childhood. It is a memory that father and son will hold onto years down the line. Sure makes me smile. Tell ya what, if this young man and/or his brother get into the aviation business, I think this session at the airport will mean so much to them. Don’t you agree?!

Family Photoshoot at Athens Ben Epps Airport

Does your little one have a dream or a favorite location that you want documented at their current age? Don’t let it pass by. Take the opportunity to capture their dreams with a customized portrait session. Inquire for information. I would be more than happy to help you with all the fine details. Both simplicity and premium sessions available. Currently booking Spring portrait sessions. Book today!  |  706.713.0676

Spring Cherry Tree Portraits In Athens, GA

Things are starting to warm up here in Georgia and with that turn or weather comes blossoming cherry trees! Since it remained cold longer than normal in the area, the cherry trees will be in bloom a bit later than past years, but they will be worth the wait. In fact, this is the perfect time to get on the calendar for your Spring portraits as it saves you a spot and allows you plenty of time to plan your wardrobe and all the finer details. Don’t worry. If you pick a date and things aren’t looking as pretty as they could, we can move your session to a different date for optimal blooms! I will be keeping an eye on things and keep you updated. Of course, I am here to help all my clients plan their outfits and with anything else you need to customize things for what you envision.

Spring cherry tree portraits in Athens GACherry tree portraits in Athens, GAChild Spring cherry tree portraits in Athens, GA

This beautiful girl had her session last Spring among all the cherry blossoms and she wore a very special dress before it no longer fit her. The heirloom dress was made with love with a lot of attention to detail. She wore this dress for a wedding she was in. Isn’t it just exquisite? That lace is just divine! Such a great idea to dress your child in something that has such sentimental value before they grow out of it!. Love what mom wore too. The pastel colors are perfect for this setting amongst the cherry trees.

Motherhood cherry tree portraits in Athens, GAAthens GA motherhood cherry tree portraits in Athens, GASpring mother daughter cherry tree portraits in Athens, GA

When this little lady was much younger, we did her birthday portraits at my outdoor studio with this same tea party set up. She loved it so much that she requested it for her birthday portraits again. Last time, her dad and one of her stuffed animals joined her for tea. This time, it was just the girls! Love mother daughter portraits like this. Memories that will last a lifetime! I brought lemonade and petit fours for the ladies.

Cherry tree tea party portrait session in Athens, GA

I made sure to get some images of the dress by itself at the end of the cherry tree portraits. It deserved some attention too! Isn’t it so pretty among the cherry tree blossoms?!

pictures of homemade heirloom dress hanging from cherry tree in Athens, GA

If you are wanting cherry tree portraits this Spring, don’t hesitate to book your session. Once the trees are in bloom, they don’t last long. Contact me for details and to book your session. I cannot wait to get out there this Spring with my camera! | 706.713.0676

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