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Mother & Daughter Newborn Photography Athens, GA

Such a beautiful mother and daughter newborn photography session. Mom chose to hold their session at their home in Athens, GA, which worked out wonderfully. It was a rainy day, which allowed this new family of three to stay cozy in their home while I came to them. I brought all the essentials, including lights. Easy and stress free for new parents.

Mother & Daughter - Newborn photography in Athens ga

Baby girl is such a dream baby. Very calm and didn’t make a peep until towards the very end when it was time for me to leave. She really enjoys being swaddled, which really worked out nicely for the sweet images mom was looking for. Love the neutral color palette mom used for her newborn session. It is always a pure and classic choice. It really keeps the focus on the baby and her mom! Perfect for a newborn photography session.

Babies are only this small for a short time. Make sure you document it while you can. The best time book a newborn photography session is during your last trimester of pregnancy. This ensures you get a spot on the calendar during those first days of your baby’s life. If your baby has already arrived, no worries. I photograph newborns at all ages. Inquire for details and to book your session. 

Athens, GA Newborn Professional Photos

This sweet family had their newborn professional photos taken at the comfort of their home in Athens, GA. Such a great idea when you want to use your everyday surroundings as your backdrop to help tell the story of this time in your lives. Works really nicely for toddlers who are welcoming a baby sibling into the home too. I started their session with family images and all portraits that required big brother. When he had enough, we focused on the rest of the family and then he came back for more images when he was ready. After we got all the newborn professional photos with him, we set him free to play with dad and then nap time while we focused on baby sister with mom. Worked out great!

Mom did such a great job with the family’s wardrobe for their newborn professional photos. Love the pastel colors and the heirloom outfit on big brother. Such classic choices that will stand the test of time. Mom’s dress is super flattering too while also being super comfy. Both important things for a new mom. Perfect example of what to wear for portraits with your new baby.

We had to get a few images in the nursery, which mom had spent a lot of time preparing for her baby girl. Such a perfect room for this princess and peaceful for mom and dad too.

If you are expecting and would like newborn professional photos of your baby when he/she arrives, contact Athens, GA photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today for details and to get on the calendar. It is best to book your session before your little one arrives to ensure you have a spot secured. If you have already welcomed your baby into the world, but would still like images like this, contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss options and all the details. Most newborn sessions take place within the first couple weeks of birth, but I can photograph babies at any age. It is never too late to start documenting your newborn. Inquire for more information and to book your session.  |  706.713.0676

Athens, GA Professional Newborn Photography

Over the weekend I had the privilege to spend the morning documenting this sweet two month old baby girl with her family during her professional newborn photography session. It is always an honor to be welcomed into the homes of clients as they start their lives with a new baby!

Athens, GA professional newborn photography of 2 month old baby girl with her 2 year old brother.

Look at these two! Big brother, who is two years old, absolutely adores his baby sister and I think the feeling is quite mutual. Can’t you just feel the love here? So sweet.

Adjusting to the new dynamic of the family can be sometimes a hard one for older siblings. After all, the eldest was the center of the universe until another human came into the scene. But, this little man doesn’t seem to have an issue sharing the spot light with his little sister. No jealousy at all here. What a blessing for the parents.

During the professional newborn photography session, this little girl was very alert, which really allowed for some great images of her where you can really see those beautiful blue eyes and her facial reactions that are just the sweetest. Since she is almost three months old, we were also able to get a lot of smiles, which is not something that you usually get with newborn sessions. Great capturing that big milestone of this little lady. Such a dream baby.

Big brother has such a great personality and is very much a two year old, minus tantrums! He has lots of energy, loves to play, is super curious and has a mind of his own. He really loved all my blankets and chose which one he wanted to use for certain images. Didn’t he do a great job with the one he chose in the image shown here? Goes so well with his sister’s sweater set and his blue bubble.

Talking about their outfits, I just have to say what a great job mom did picking out the family’s wardrobe. The choice of baby blue, white and cream was such a wonderful choice. The color palette will also look great when the finished artwork is displayed in their home as there is a lot of blue and white in their home. Such a classic choice. Great example of what to wear for professional newborn photography!

If you are expecting or have recently had a baby, consider a professional newborn photography session to document these first days with your baby. Most newborn sessions are done within the first couple weeks of life, but if you opt for a session after that, no worries. All babies of all ages are worth documenting and I can capture your little one beautifully at any time! To schedule a session and for more details, inquire today. I look forward to hearing from you! | 706.713.0676


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