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Heirloom Portrait Photography | Athens, GA

This Winter heirloom portrait photography event was hit here in Athens, GA. These two Southern Belles came in to the studio for their timeless portraits. Their heirloom dresses were perfection. The pale blue and white color palette is such a classic and wonderful choice for traditional photos. Love the lace detailing, which really makes these dresses stand out! The simple white bows finish things off wonderfully. Great example of what to wear for your children’s heirloom portrait photography session.

Heirloom Portrait Photography of sisters in Athens GA.

I hold heirloom portrait photography events a couple times a year, but you can actually schedule one of these sessions any time of year for your children. Simply select a Simplicity Session when booking and I will help you with all the little details. When you book your own private heirloom portrait photography session, you have the option of doing the session at the Yvonne Niemann Photography studio or I can come to your home and a set up the studio at your home. Classic white background is just one of the selections for you to choose from. I also have hand painted muslins and canvases that you can use as your child’s backdrop as well. Inquire for details. I would love to discuss all the options with you!  |  706.713.0676

Heirloom Photography Athens, GA

Heirloom photography is such a classic tradition, especially here in the South.

Many families mark a certain age for each of their children’s heirloom photography portraits that end up framed on their walls for all the generations. I cannot count how many times I have seen these timeless art pieces on people’s walls. Some are hand painted on canvas, some printed on canvas and others are matted. But, they are all framed and displayed proudly on their walls as a gallery of all the family members through time. What a wonderful way to celebrate your family and show how much they are loved.

Heirloom Photography Athens, GA

Variety in heirloom portrait photography.

These siblings came all at the same time, which allowed them to be photographed separately and also together. When doing heirloom photography sessions I really like doing a few group images, close ups and full body. Utilizing chairs, benches or stools is always a great way to add variety so that parents can choose what will be best as finished artwork in their home.

Classic Heirloom Photography Athens, GATimeless Heirloom Photography Athens, GASouthern Heirloom Portraits Athens, GASibling Heirloom Photography of sisters in Athens, GA

Mom dressed her girls in matching heirloom pastel pink dresses with the most beautiful finishings of lace, ruffles, ribbon and embroidery. Big brother was dressed in a classic white button down shirt and tan pants. Very fitting for their ages.

What to wear for heirloom photography portraits.

Most parents dress their children in heirloom outfits that have been passed down in the family, while others opt for home sewn new creations. Others purchase new outfits that become family heirlooms.

Great places to purchase heirloom wardrobe pieces.

Feltman Brothers

The Beaufort Bonnet Company

Strasburg Children

The Elephant Trunk (Baxter Street in Athens, GA)


Child Heirloom Photography Athens, GASibling heirloom portrait Photography Oconee County, GA

Heirloom photography sessions can be scheduled any time of the year in the comfort of your home or in studio. I also hold a few Heirloom Portrait Events each year. These are a little bit shorter and take place in my home studio in Oconee County. The Winter heirloom portrait event is in less than two weeks on January 27th. You can find full details HERE. Have more questions? Contact me directly and I would be more than happy to discuss all the details and options with you.  |  706.713.0676

Images shown here were taken on a simple white backdrop. Hand painted muslin backdrops are also available as shown in this two year old’s heirloom photography session. Click this link to view.

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