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Fall Family Photoshoot In Oconee County

This fall family photoshoot took place a few years back in my field in Oconee County. I love how this field photographs in the evening at sunset. Love the glow and the way the sun dances across the tall grass. Perfect setting for children and families anytime of year.

Fall family photoshoot in Oconee County.

Mom always does such a great job picking outfits for her family. I just adore family heirlooms and it gave me such delight to know that these two little girls are wearing outfits that their mom once wore. The pastel colors and all the fine details are such classics and work so well with the surroundings. Great example of what to wear for Fall portraits.

Children's fall family photoshoot in Oconee County, GA.

Baby sister was nine months old and full of personality and super inquisitive. Love that round face, blue eyes, sweet curls and those first teeth! Big sister is such a ham who adores her baby sister. She has the best laugh and sense of humor. She loved hugging her sister and exploring the field. Such spunk in this beauty!!!!

Motherhood fall family photoshoot in Oconee County, GA.Fall family photoshoot in a field in Oconee County, GA.

This family chose a petite session for their fall family photoshoot. This worked out great with the two little ones. Short attention spans and looming bedtime meant that a thirty minute session was just the amount of time needed. Worked out perfectly!

If you are wanting fall portraits this year, contact Athens, GA family photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today to get on the calendar. Slots are filling quickly. There are still plenty of openings in September and November, but October is almost completely full. Very limited weekend openings left, so if that is important for your family’s schedule, don’t hesitate to book. Simply use the inquire tab or email me directly at to secure your spot. You can also see availability online by clicking HERE.

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Summer Child Portrait Photography Athens, GA

Summer child portrait photography in Athens, GA is always a delight and this session was no exception. These two are just the sweetest!!! I first photographed this brother and sister duo for this little lady’s newborn session. What a difference a year makes! Big brother is now two and little sister has hit so many important milestones and is showing such a neat personality. Inquisitive, cuddly and gives lots of smiles. They both have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. (will have to share images where you can see those beauties in the near future)

Summer child portrait photography of two siblings hugging in Athens, GA.

We did their child portrait photography session in the morning before things got too hot. Great idea for little ones in the Summer. Their session took place at the Botanical Gardens in Athens, GA. Made for such a beautiful backdrop for this family’s portraits. Lots of flowers in bloom along with greenery. Perfect for these Southern kiddos.

Love the wardrobe choices mom made for her family. Mom wore a beautiful smocked dress, dad wore light blue shirt with white jeans and then these little ones wore classic outfits that will surely become family heirlooms. Perfection!

If you are looking for portraits to document your family, contact Athens, GA family photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today to set up your portrait photography session. Currently booking Summer and Fall sessions. Both petite and full premium sessions are available. Inquire for details.  |  706.713.0676

Knoxville Summer Baby Family Photos

Summer baby family photos are such a dream! This portrait session took place early in the morning before it got too hot. Dad met up with us for a short time when he was able to break away from work. After the park baby family photos, we headed back to their home for a few milestone images of this sweet six month old.

Mom did such a great job coordinating her family’s outfits as usual. Love the pastel color palette for their baby family photos. Worked out perfectly with the surroundings too. Can you tell that the boys are very proud big brothers?

Baby girl changed her outfits a few times to showcase some of mom’s favorite outfits that only fit for a short time. Great way to make use of those precious time pieces.

Everyone was very happy to see their daddy and to get some cuddle time with him during his work break.

Loved all the flowers at his manicured park on campus at UT Gardens. I purchased a photographers membership, which was well worth it. Great way to keep the gardens looking their best too since the money goes towards upkeep of this beautiful location.

Six month milestones are my favorite! Love the time right before crawling begins, when they are sucking those toes and can sit stably on their own! Look at those smiles and facial reactions too. Pure joy!!!!

We have photographed this beauty with these dolls at every one of her milestone sessions during her first year. Great way to show her growth. Helps that she adores these dolls too. Cuddle + Kind Dolls are just the best!

If you are looking for baby family photos documents the relationships of family members as well as important milestones, contact Athens, GA family photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography today to get on the calendar. Currently booking Summer portrait sessions!  |  706.713.0676

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