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Athens, GA Heirloom Children’s Portraits

Heirloom children’s portraits are a staple here in the South. For many, it is a tradition that is carried down through the generations. Enlarged prints are hung with love in homes next to other family members’ heirloom portraits. Many are printed on canvas, some on fine art paper and others choose to have them painted. All are framed and are lasting documentation on childhood during a certain timeframe.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of a little boy.

When you choose to have heirloom children’s portraits taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography, I help you every step of the way. You receive tips on styling, where to shop, what to bring and what to do with your beloved photographic artwork.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of a little girl.

Heirloom children’s portraits are classically lit and feature either a white backdrop or a hand painted muslin. Your choice of backdrop when booking your own heirloom session. For the heirloom portrait events, the backdrop is seamless white. If you are booking an heirloom session for yourself, you have the option to come to the Yvonne Niemann Photography home studio, or I can come to you. When I travel to you, I essentially bring the studio with me. Easy peasy. Heirloom portrait events take place at my home studio in Oconee County.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of toddler

I have several tricks up my sleeve to get the attention and cooperation of toddlers. I also utilize chairs, stools and benches that photograph beautifully. Of course, sibling shots are always welcomed when booked together.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of siblings

If you would like heirloom children’s portraits of your precious littles, contact Yvonne Niemann Photography today for information and to be added to the calendar. You can book your own heirloom session or book a time slot at one of the heirloom portrait events. These limited edition events take place quarterly. The Summer heirloom portrait event is August 17th. Follow me on Instagram and/or sign up for the newsletter to find out when future events will take place.  |  706.713.0676

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Spring Sibling Photoshoot Among Cherry Trees

The cherry trees are in full bloom here in Athens, GA!!! Such an honor to do this family’s Spring sibling photoshoot surrounded by these beautiful super pale pink, almost white, blossoms.

Spring sibling photoshoot among cherry trees in Athens, GA.

Baby sister is five months old and we were doing her milestone session along with her brother and sisters. They were all in their Easter best, which was so fitting for not only the time of year, but also for their surroundings. Nothing like the pastel color palette found in nature with the soft green and wheat colored grass and the delicate cherry blossom petals that have the slightest pink hue. These siblings’ wardrobe in color palette of pastel pink, blue and white coordinate perfectly. The girls’ dresses were handmade by a sweet relative. The bunny buttons on the front of their dresses were even hand painted. Such loving care went into making those dresses. Wonderful example of what to wear for a Spring sibling photoshoot.



Spring color palette


If you are looking for portraits surrounded by the beauty of the cherry trees in bloom, contact me as soon as possible to be added to the calendar. Flowering trees will only last for about a week, so don’t hesitate to book your session. Inquire today at  |  706.713.0676

At Home Newborn Photographer | Athens, GA

What a joy to be an at home newborn photographer where I get to document families in those first moments with their infant. This little baby is two months old and her sister is just over a year. I photographed big sister for her own newborn photo session, so it was extra special to come back as their family grew to a family of four.

Toddler with baby sister in bassinet photo taken by at home newborn photographer

Tricks/Games that work every time with toddlers

To get this sweet image, I had to use one of my trusty tricks that always works with toddlers. You cannot even spot what we did to get this result, which is the goal as well. Don’t worry if you have a little one who doesn’t always want to sit still for portraits with their new sibling. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get sweet images like this. After I leave, I bet you will even use some of the same tricks and games to get results like this on your own.

What to wear for newborn portraits

Love how mom dressed her girls for their at home newborn photography session. Baby sister is wearing the same swaddle that big sister wore just over a year ago. They used the same bassinet too. Big sister is wearing the sweetest pastel pink Feltman Brothers heirloom dress that has been passed down in the family. Traditional attire like this is always a win and good idea as your portraits will never look dated. They will truly stand the test of time.

When to book at home newborn photo session

If you are expecting and would like a session in the comfort of your home, contact me, the at home newborn photographer today. Would love to discuss all the options and details with you and to add you to the calendar. Newborn sessions are best booked in third or fourth trimester, before your newborn is born. This ensures that there is a spot available for you. I photograph babies of all ages, so if your baby has already arrived, no worries. I can still photograph your little one just as he/she is. Inquire for details:  |  706.713.0676

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