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Athens, GA Newborn Professional Photos

This sweet family had their newborn professional photos taken at the comfort of their home in Athens, GA. Such a great idea when you want to use your everyday surroundings as your backdrop to help tell the story of this time in your lives. Works really nicely for toddlers who are welcoming a baby sibling into the home too. I started their session with family images and all portraits that required big brother. When he had enough, we focused on the rest of the family and then he came back for more images when he was ready. After we got all the newborn professional photos with him, we set him free to play with dad and then nap time while we focused on baby sister with mom. Worked out great!

Mom did such a great job with the family’s wardrobe for their newborn professional photos. Love the pastel colors and the heirloom outfit on big brother. Such classic choices that will stand the test of time. Mom’s dress is super flattering too while also being super comfy. Both important things for a new mom. Perfect example of what to wear for portraits with your new baby.

We had to get a few images in the nursery, which mom had spent a lot of time preparing for her baby girl. Such a perfect room for this princess and peaceful for mom and dad too.

If you are expecting and would like newborn professional photos of your baby when he/she arrives, contact Athens, GA photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today for details and to get on the calendar. It is best to book your session before your little one arrives to ensure you have a spot secured. If you have already welcomed your baby into the world, but would still like images like this, contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss options and all the details. Most newborn sessions take place within the first couple weeks of birth, but I can photograph babies at any age. It is never too late to start documenting your newborn. Inquire for more information and to book your session.  |  706.713.0676

Knoxville Summer Baby Family Photos

Summer baby family photos are such a dream! This portrait session took place early in the morning before it got too hot. Dad met up with us for a short time when he was able to break away from work. After the park baby family photos, we headed back to their home for a few milestone images of this sweet six month old.

Mom did such a great job coordinating her family’s outfits as usual. Love the pastel color palette for their baby family photos. Worked out perfectly with the surroundings too. Can you tell that the boys are very proud big brothers?

Baby girl changed her outfits a few times to showcase some of mom’s favorite outfits that only fit for a short time. Great way to make use of those precious time pieces.

Everyone was very happy to see their daddy and to get some cuddle time with him during his work break.

Loved all the flowers at his manicured park on campus at UT Gardens. I purchased a photographers membership, which was well worth it. Great way to keep the gardens looking their best too since the money goes towards upkeep of this beautiful location.

Six month milestones are my favorite! Love the time right before crawling begins, when they are sucking those toes and can sit stably on their own! Look at those smiles and facial reactions too. Pure joy!!!!

We have photographed this beauty with these dolls at every one of her milestone sessions during her first year. Great way to show her growth. Helps that she adores these dolls too. Cuddle + Kind Dolls are just the best!

If you are looking for baby family photos documents the relationships of family members as well as important milestones, contact Athens, GA family photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography today to get on the calendar. Currently booking Summer portrait sessions!  |  706.713.0676

Bald Head Island Summer Family Photos

Summer is the perfect time to take it easy, relax and reconnect with family. Many families head to the beach or other destination to do just that! Perfect time for Summer family photos. This is exactly what one of my long-time clients did this past June! They met up with their family at their beach house on Bald Head Island and commissioned me to come and take their summer family photos. Hurricane Isaias hit the island the day before their session, but luckily their home was not damaged and the ferry was running just in time for their session. There was some debris on the beach, but I was able to find a nice area where things were in good shape right down from where they were staying. Phew!

Siblings Summer family photos at Bald Head Island.Siblings beach vacation Summer family photos at Bald Head Island.

When we met up, everyone was in good spirits after a day in the sun on the beach. They hadn’t seen each other for quite some time due to COVID-19, so it was extra special when they were finally reunited. Cousins truly are like best friends (or siblings). I loved watching them cuddle and play together. Both sets of parents did a great job coordinating everyone too. As you know, that is not always an east feat with extended families, but it was a seamless fusion!

Cousins Summer family photos at beach at Bald Head Island, NCCousins Summer family photos at Bald Head Island, NC

Motherhood Summer family photos at Baldhead Island

What a great looking family here! They were just the sweetest and very welcoming. They love having fun and I knew they were enjoying the start of their trip together with how everyone was interacting during their session. Pure love here. I know I already mentioned their outfits, but the images below really showcase how well everyone coordinated together! Perfect example of what to wear for beach Summer family photos.

Extended summer family photos at Bald Head Island.

Grandparents and children summer family photos at Bald Head Island beach.Beach summer family photos at Bald Head Island.Grandchildren summer family photos at Bald Head Island beach.Vacation summer family photos Bald Head Island

At the end of the session, we let the kids play in the water and just be kids! This last bit of time is perfect for showing off those fun personalities and relationships for summer family photos. It’s really where they can let loose and not care so much about their outfits anymore. It is so hard for littles to stay out of the water and not get too sandy during beach sessions. Cannot blame them one bet. It is certainly tempting!!!! So, going for a dip is great incentive during the session for kiddos.

Cousins summer family photos Bald Head IslandVacation summer family photos at Bald Head Island, NC.

This little lady was not a fan of the water or sand, so while everyone else played, she explored and got some cuddle time with mom on the way back to their house. Such a beauty like her mom.

Motherhood beach vacation summer family photos at Bald Head Island.

Vacation summer family photos at beach home on Bald Head IslandVacation summer family photos at beach home on Bald Head Island, NC

Just as I was about to leave, I noticed these little feet and legs under the outdoor shower and I had to get some images from my vantage point. Wouldn’t this make the perfect image for a bathroom or shower room? Ahhhh…the signs of Summer.

If you are planning a vacation and would like me to come to capture your Summer family photos while you are there, just let me know. I’d be happy to discuss details with you.  |  706.713.0676


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