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Extended Family Photographer – Watkinsville, GA

One of my many hats is extended family photographer. I love being able to photograph families with multiple generations. I know these are images I would want myself and it is a privilege to produce portraits like this for others.

Extended family photographer portraits in a field near Atlanta, GA

The daughter of these sweet grandparents contacted me to commission me as their extended family photographer to celebrate her parents 50th wedding anniversary. One of her brother’s family was traveling into town, so it was the perfect opportunity since everyone would be together. Such a rare thing when people live a distance apart.

I was told that they wanted a natural field, but had to be handicap accessible for one of her brothers. I gave a few options and they picked this stunning location. The ground was not soft and these images were taken just a few yards from where we parked the cars. There was a curb, so my husband made a portable ramp that worked out perfectly. Love all the delicate white wild flowers in the pale green grass. The way the sun came through the trees was stunning too!

Extended family photographer three generations portraits Oconee County, GAExtended family photographer portraits in field near Athens GAExtended family photographer photos of cousins in field in Oconee County, Georgia.

These cousins really get along well and I think it shows here. I bet they really enjoy being together and play hard when they do. They are very lucky to have each other.

When photographing extended families, I always like to break things down into immediate family groupings too. I had brought the stools to this session so that not just one person was sitting and to give us some variety. Turned out to be a big hit with these boys. They preferred to sit on the stools vs standing in the grass. I think it had to do with their dislike of the feeling of the tall grass against their skin. Totally get it!

Extended family photographer Oconee County, GA

Extended family photographer father daughter portraits Watkinsville, GAExtended family photographer siblings Oconee County, GAExtended family photographer Mother and son portraits Oconee County, GAExtended family photographer couple portraits in a field in Watkinsville, GAextended family photographer mother daughter portraits Oconee County, GAThis sweet family had pictures taken earlier in the year, so they didn’t want or need as many groupings. I was able to get the images that they requested and really love how they turned out.

Extended family photographer portrait of immediate family from Nashville

Extended family photographer portraits of older siblings in field in Oconee County, Georgia

Can you tell these two ladies are dancers?! Beautiful inside and out.

Extended family photographer portraits of daughter with parents in field near Atlanta, GA

These images of dad with his daughter just melts my heart. Such sweet moments and love shown here. She will always be his baby!

Extended family photographer photos of siblings and dad in a field near Athens, GAExtended family photographer portrait of a couple in Watkinsville, GA

I think they did such a great job picking their wardrobe for their portraits. The color palette works so well, especially for this location. As an extended family photographer, I always give advice on styling. You want everyone to look great as a big group, in each individual immediate family groupings as well as other break downs of family members. I suggest picking a color palette of 3-5 colors that all coordinate together. This allows people to show off their individual personalities and style without being too matchy matchy. Long gone are the portraits where everyone wears white or the exact same thing. It is great to use texture, accessories and  varying fabrics.

This is a popular time to book extended family portrait sessions. A lot of families get together for end of school celebrations and even graduations in the coming months. Over the Summer, a lot of families are able to visit and vacation together as well. Why not take advantage of everyone being together with a portrait session? I help you every step of the way. From location scouting, wardrobe advice, communication to all families, directing during the session, and even helping navigate sticky family dynamics – I’m your gal! Inquire today for details and to book your extended family photo session.  |  706.713.0676


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Spring Sibling Photoshoot Among Cherry Trees

The cherry trees are in full bloom here in Athens, GA!!! Such an honor to do this family’s Spring sibling photoshoot surrounded by these beautiful super pale pink, almost white, blossoms.

Spring sibling photoshoot among cherry trees in Athens, GA.

Baby sister is five months old and we were doing her milestone session along with her brother and sisters. They were all in their Easter best, which was so fitting for not only the time of year, but also for their surroundings. Nothing like the pastel color palette found in nature with the soft green and wheat colored grass and the delicate cherry blossom petals that have the slightest pink hue. These siblings’ wardrobe in color palette of pastel pink, blue and white coordinate perfectly. The girls’ dresses were handmade by a sweet relative. The bunny buttons on the front of their dresses were even hand painted. Such loving care went into making those dresses. Wonderful example of what to wear for a Spring sibling photoshoot.



Spring color palette


If you are looking for portraits surrounded by the beauty of the cherry trees in bloom, contact me as soon as possible to be added to the calendar. Flowering trees will only last for about a week, so don’t hesitate to book your session. Inquire today at  |  706.713.0676

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Senior Beach Session Tips

Sessions at the beach are always a great idea – especially if it is at a meaningful place and will fit your home decor. If you are planning on doing a senior beach session in the near future, here are a few beach session tips to help things run smoother.

what to wear senior portraits soon the beach

Timing is everything.

I would recommend holding your session on the first day if possible. This will make it so that you can relax for the rest of your vacation, but you also don’t have to worry about tan/burn lines. Sunrise or sunset sessions are the best time in terms of lighting – but this is going to depend on where you are. Some beaches are best at sunrise and some are better at sunset. Talk to your photographer and heed their advice on this. For this particular session, we could have done sunrise or sunset due to where the sun is in relation to the beach. We settled on a sunset session so this senior could sleep in, but also dodge morning rain.

senior portraits 30AGrayton Beach 30A senior photos

Beach hair tips.

Wind and humid are a thing for beach sessions. Plan accordingly when styling your hair. If your hair tends to frizz, style your hair in a way where it won’t be as much of an issue and use products to help cut down the frizz. Beachy hair is beautiful. For girls, try an updo, braids, barrettes, hats or other accessories that will work with the elements. As your photographer, I will try to find a some areas before we get on the beach for some portraits where the wind will be a bit more blocked. This will ensure that your hair is looking its best before the wind and humidity take over. I will also try to position you in ways where the wind blows your hair in the most flattering way possible.

senior portraits on beach tipstips for senior portraits on beachSunset senior portraits on beach

Make up tips.

For make up, don’t go too heavy. You don’t want your makeup to melt. Waterproof mascara is always a good idea. A polished, more natural look is always fitting for the beach. Think dewey skin, flushed cheeks and a pretty pop of color on your lips. Make sure that your lip gloss doesn’t make your hair stick to your lips. Wind and sticky lips/makeup aren’t a good combination. Consider a gel manicure and pedicure before your beach portrait session. Salt water and sand tend to make nail polish come off.

tips on senior photos on beach Grayton, FLHigh school senior photos on beach during Spring Break.

What to wear for your beach session.

A soft color palette in natural and flowing fabrics is always a win. Think of fabrics that breathe and move. Natural linens, tulle and cotton are all great ideas. Comfort is key. For the ladies, make sure your dress or skirt isn’t too short as you don’t want to risk showing too much when you move and when the wind picks up your garment. Textures are great to add some more interest and can even mimic the waves and sand beautifully too. Go bare foot and enjoy the natural pedicure you will get from the sand. Wear clothes that allow you to get your feet wet!

If you are doing a family portrait session on the beach with your senior, I suggest your graduate picks their outfit first and then have everyone coordinate to them. You don’t have to be matchy matchy. Use some of the color palettes listed below for inspiration. I am always here to help you with your selection too!

Beach wardrobe color palettes.

For color palettes, I suggest softer hues. White, cream and sandy taupes are popular options. Variations of colors found at the beach are also great options blues, greens, taupes and white. Pastels also work wonderfully for a beach photo session.

Go with the flow.

Snuggle, explore and have fun. If you are doing a senior session or a beach photo session by yourself, get ready to walk, run, kick and wade in the water. If you have family and/or friends joining you, then you will do all of those things, but there will also be a lot of snuggling, laughing and playing too. Just have fun with it and go with the flow. Don’t worry so much about your hair and things out of your control. Trust that I will do my best to capture the most flattering images of yourself and of your family.

30A beach photos

Items to bring to your senior beach session.

I will bring a little kit of essentials, such as hair spray, nail polish remover, bug spray, brush, hair pins, wipes. I recommend that you bring some items as well to help you before, during and after your session.

  • Drinking water
  • Facial blotting papers
  • Lip balm and/or lipstick
  • Flip flops
  • Towel
  • Change of outfit (in case yours gets wet or sandy and you have plans to go somewhere afterwards)

Senior portraits sunset Grayton Beach

Ready to book your beach session? Hope these tips help you prepare. Contact me for details on being added to the Yvonne Niemann Photography travel calendar. Currently booking Spring and Summer portrait sessions. I am located in the Athens, GA area, but travel for commissioned work across the United States. Don’t hesitate to reach out for your next beach portraits!  |  706.713.0676

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