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Athens, GA Children’s Cherry Tree Blossom Tea Party

This little girl’s cherry tree blossom tea party portrait session was just a dream! We had the perfect weather – nice and warm with plenty of sunshine. The cherry tree blossoms weathered the storms the day before and the grass was lush green. Couldn’t have asked for a better scenario for her portraits.

Athens, GA children's cherry tree blossom tea party photo.

The dress she is wearing was homemade with much love for a wedding that she was in recently. The lace was flown in from France! So fitting for this Southern belle. She was so excited to have a tea party with her beloved hippo. Sweetest thing ever! We did this exact same set up, but in a different location, a few years back for her second birthday, so this was extra special to recreate in the Spring with all the beautiful blossoms this time. I can totally see this image blown up big and displayed proudly in their home.

During her session, she was such a sweetheart and gave perfect input on which tree we selected and what accessories we should use. Very helpful and she was spot on with all of her decisions. She got to run, twirl, cuddle with her mom and at the end, she got to have a fun tea party! She enjoyed snacking on the pastries and lemonade, while sharing with her beloved stuffed animal and her mom. At the end, this little beauty was talking about doing another tea party in the future and inviting her baby brother to join in when he is older. Isn’t that just the sweetest?! I love her personality and heart. Always an honor to photograph her and her family.

If your little one has a special outfit that you want to document, consider a portrait session to preserve the memories before they grow out of it. We took some formal images at the beginning of the session that her mom will use to have a traditional oil painting on canvas made. Such a great way to document this beautiful dress and this little girl’s age. Yvonne Niemann Photography is currently booking Spring portrait sessions. If you would like to book a session this season, contact me soon to get on the calendar. I’d love to discuss all the options and how I can bring your vision to reality. | 706.713.0676



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Studio Eight Month Baby Portrait Photography | Oconee County, GA

I recently photographed this eight month old baby boy with is mom in my home studio for his second portrait photography session. The first time I photographed him was for his newborn portraits. This time, his mom joined him for some classic images that will be framed artwork in their home.

studio portrait photography of an eight month old baby boy with his mom taken in Oconee County, GA.

Baby N came over in such a great mood. Very happy and inquisitive. The lights really peaked his interest, but I was able to get him to look away from the light by playing peek a boo and just interacting with his mom. These two are so sweet together. He is the youngest of six, so he is used to a lot of activity around him, but gets quite a bit of alone time with his parents as well. Very well balanced, which is not an easy feat, as any parent knows.

Mom chose to wear a dress that she had purchased years ago, but never had an occasion to wear it until now. I am so glad she hung onto the dress as it worked perfectly for her baby’s portrait photography session. She chose to dress her sweet baby boy in one of the studio’s wardrobe offerings. I think the cable knit romper works just perfectly with mom’s dress and the hand painted backdrop. All the focus goes straight to the most important thing – mom and child. Great example of what to wear for your own portraits.

If you are look for simple motherhood and/or baby portrait photography like shown here, contact Athens, GA family photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography today to set up your appointment. The image above was from a petite session at my in home studio. On location petite and full premium sessions are also available. Inquire for details. | 706.713.0676

Athens, GA Lifestyle Newborn Portraits

I adore lifestyle newborn portraits! Gives you a glimpse into those first few days at home with your new baby. This little lady was only about a week old when we did her portrait session. She was a complete dream baby. Great sleeper and didn’t seem to notice the commotion of playful brothers, which I know is such a blessing for the parents. I really thought she resembled one of her brothers from when he was a newborn. Such a neat thing to see!

Knoxville, GA motherhood newborn portraitsNewborn photographer shares lifestyle portraits infant girl in Knoxville, GAAthens, GA lifestyle newborn portraits of mother with infant girl.Portraits of newborn sleeping in Oconee County, GAfamily newborn portraits Athens, GANewborn portraits of baby girl in her nursery Oconee County.

This family said that their family is now complete with the birth of their baby girl. She is a rainbow baby, which makes this moment that much more special. She is very much loved and exactly what they had prayed for.

Notice that bassinet? That is the exact same one that was used for her brothers and the images of mom with all her children with this family heirloom is very similar to what we did for the boys lifestyle newborn portraits. A little different now with three little ones, but in the most perfect and touching way. Love seeing the excitement and love they all have with the final addition to the family.

Check out the wardrobe choices mom picked for herself and her little ones. I love the soft color palette. Very timeless and fitting for a newborn session. I love the white dress mom is wearing. The style is very flattering for a new mom and the detailing gives interest without being distracting. The pink sweater and white jeans were perfect for the nursery images as it coordinated nicely with the room. The boys matching outfits really compliments the nursery, mom and baby sister. Wonderful example of what to wear for your lifestyle newborn portraits!

If you are expecting and wanting lifestyle newborn portraits for yourself, contact Athens, GA infant photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography today. I suggest booking your baby’s photo session when you are in your second trimester to guarantee a spot on the calendar. If you are further along or your baby has already arrived, don’t worry. Give me a call and I can see how we can fit you in! | 706.713.0676

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