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Watkinsville, GA Family Photographer | Baby’s First Christmas

The Holiday Season is that much more special when celebrating a baby’s first Christmas! This little man has a lot of firsts this year and I know that his big sister and parents will really enjoy what this year’s festivities that much more with this man around.

Baby's first Christmas  photo taken in Watkinsville, GA.

Such a joy photographing this family for their annual Holiday portraits. They are always so much fun! Big sister is absolutely adorable and really loves her baby brother. This little man did such a great job last night. It is usually his nap time, but he was wide eyed and full of smiles! I am waiting to share images of the two siblings together until after this family sends out their greeting cards as I have a feeling one of those images will be gracing those cards this year. Need to keep it a surprise!

I have to talk about this adorable outfit for a moment! Isn’t it just perfect for a baby’s first Christmas?! Wait until you see his sister’s dress. SOOOO cute and beautiful. Timeless Holiday wardrobe choices that will surely become family heirlooms. Mom and dad coordinated perfectly with their children’s outfits too. Not too much of a surprise with this family though. Mom always does a fantastic job selecting their outfits for portraits. Great example of what to wear during this time of year!

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