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Oconee County High School Graduation Portraits

Graduation portraits are always so much fun to create, but also meaningful for both the Senior and the parents. Most Seniors think of this portrait session for such a long time – planning their outfits, hair and makeup along with selecting the location. They want to look their best, show off their personality and share with all their friends after the fact! The experience can sometimes be a bit emotional for parents as they think of how much their child has grown and how they will be leaving the nest in a few short months. It is also a very proud moment though too. These images will grace the family home’s wall for years to come, so you want something timeless and natural, but is a true reflection of this time. This is something I always keep in mind for my clients and help guide them through the process.

Oconee County High School senior pictures of a graduating girl in a wooded trail.

We held the session in this beauty’s neighborhood, which happens to be mine as well! In fact, you will notice these exact settings in a lot of the portraits I take. She wanted something outdoors to compliment her personality and her beauty. This worked out perfectly – especially with that beautiful glow you get before sunset!

Oconee County High School graduation photography of a Senior in a field of tall grass.Oconee County High School senior pictures of a girl by a wooden fence.Graduation portraits of a senior girl from Oconee County High School in a Fall field.

I love both outfits this Senior chose for her graduation portraits. The dress really complimented the colors offered by Mother Nature while giving a subtle pop of color to the final images. The boots and jewelry showed off her style a bit further. The jeans with the silk top and sweater is a perfect example of how to use neutrals in your wardrobe for graduation portraits. Love the texture of the sweater and the detailing around the collar of the shirt. It kept things natural and casual for the setting, but it was dressed up just enough, fitting for portraits. Perfect example of what to wear for senior photos.

Mom loved the images of her daughter laughing as she said that is exactly how her daughter is! She really does have a great smile and her face just lights up with her laugh and sparkling eyes. Quite contagious!

If you would like senior pictures like this for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact Athens, GA professional photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today to get on the calendar. Less than three months before graduation. Don’t miss out on this important milestone! Consider making an event out of it and invite your friends to join in the fun. Inquire for details.  |  706.713.0676

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