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Multigenerational Family Photography in Athens, GA

Multi-generational family portraits taken in Athens GA.

I love photographing multigenerational families. These images mean so much to everyone now as well as what they will mean in the future. I only wish I had images like with with my own grandparents. Half of this clan resides here in Athens, GA and the other half came all the way from South Africa! The two little baby cousins are very close to age and their bonds are already starting to solidify even though they live so far apart. Thankfully with technology, they will hopefully get to know each other even better and become good friends for life!

The new dads have their hands full with an infant in the home now, but they have a lot of help from grandma and grandpa! Baby L sure has brought a lot of joy to all the families. He is such a sweet heart and so handsome! I love how he grabs onto his family members’ fingers and the sweet little noises he makes.

Both babies are super laid back and really just go with the flow. Nothing seems to faze either of these two. Talk about lucky parents!

Sweet baby girl is a dream too. She smiles a lot and is quite inquisitive. Loved seeing how she interacts with family members and especially how she would reach out and hold her cousin’s hand and tap his head. Baby I is a tad bit older than the little man and she is already taking the showing him the ropes. Love how she is already looking out for him. I know that will carry though life and I am sure he will do the same for her once he is able.

So happy that the weather cooperated for us to be outside for their session. It was a rainy day, but it stopped just long enough for us to fit their multigenerational family photography session in. Talk about luck! The cherry trees had just bloomed within the last couple of days and the temperature was quite comfortable. Perfect day!

SO many more images to show from this portrait session. Cannot wait to share more. Stay tuned!

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