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Lil’ Lady in Red | Bishop, GA Lifestyle Photography

This lil’ lady in red was the first lifestyle photography session of the year in Bishop, GA at Yvonne Niemann Photography! She is the perfect little model. I adore her personality. When we first met, she hid behind her mom’s legs, but she soon warmed up as we chatted about a sparkly purple kitten that hangs out on the mailbox and a pretty pink one that jumps up into the sky to snuggle in the clouds. I loved it when she played peek a boo behind the curtains and she made me laugh more when she hid behind her hand. It really was hard to find her…. My daughter has a lambie that she has had since she was born, so when I was introduced to R’s lamb, it just melted my heart. I love to include children’s favorite items in their portraits. So meaningful to parents and children now and in the future. This lil’ princess is wearing a dress that I offer up for clients to wear for their portrait sessions. I have a small beautiful collection of items for boys and girls of various sizes. All clients of Yvonne Niemann Photography have access to this carefully selected wardrobe. For details, contact Bishop, GA children’s photographer today.

“I decided to be happy, it is excellent for one’s health.” ~ VOLTAIRE

Organic children's photography of a two year old little girl in a red dress looking out her window in Bishop, GA.Little girl in red dress playing peek a boo behind curtains at her home in Bishop, GA.Bishop, GA lifestyle children's photography of a 2 year old on a chair with her lamb looking out the window.

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