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Introducing the Heirloom Box

I am so excited to introduce the Heirloom Box in the Yvonne Niemann Photography lineup. These exquisite linen boxes house all of the portraits from your photography session gallery as bordered 4″x6″ prints. Next to your photographic artwork, there is an extra compartment for you to put your most treasured keepsakes from this time in your family’s lives.

For a newborn, perhaps you would want to hold onto the hospital bracelet/s, some cards, sweet bonnet, the tiny clothes you brought your baby home in for the first time, or a beautiful pair of booties that a special relative handmade. Some examples for your baby as they get older would be a lock of hair from the first hair cut, a favorite rattle, silver baby spoon, baby comb, or perhaps a teething ring. Keepsakes from your children could be drawings, notes, dried flowers that were picked by those tiny hands specially for you, balloons from a birthday, first concert or movie tickets, medals won, or even a piece of lace that you used in your daughter’s hair. Family treasures are a lot of fun too! Think airplane tickets from a family vacation, special notes written for each other, seashells collected on the beach, that year’s holiday greeting card, dried leaves collected on a hike, or dog tags from a beloved furry family member that passed away. The possibilities are endless!

I adore sentimental items and I have several keepsake boxes of my own. I love how your portraits stay safe alongside your most treasured keepsakes to tell a story. Think of all the fun you will have through the years going through these family heirlooms by yourself and as a family! These will surely be passed down through the generations.

 Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn’t all a dream?” ~ ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT

Heirloom image box offered by Athens, GA family photographer is perfect for tiny keepsakes.

 Want one of these for yourself? Contact Athens, GA family photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography, today to schedule your customized portrait session!

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