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Benefits of Newborn Lifestyle Photos | Bishop, GA

Benefits of Newborn Lifestyle Photos

Familiar Surroundings

Newborn lifestyle photos in the comfort of your home are always a great option. Great for when you don’t want to leave the home, have a toddler/s who do best in familiar surroundings and for when you want to have portraits taken in your favorite rooms.

You spend a lot of time getting ready for your new baby to come home, so why not show off that nursery and other special areas that you want documented. Great way to tell your family’s story and show your children how things looked when everything was still brand new!

Studio comes to you

I always bring everything that is needed, so don’t worry if your home has good light as I will bring lights with me in case it is needed. I also bring swaddles, blankets, onesies, baby wipes, diaper covers and all the other necessities.

Location #1 – parents’ bedroom

Most clients choose to do newborn lifestyle photos in the parents’ bedroom. It is a place that they spend a lot of time with their baby, so it is comfy. The bed is also a safe place for the baby and allows for flattering posing. Great for toddlers with their new sibling too.

Newborn lifestyle photosfamily newborn lifestyle photosNewborn lifestyle photos in Oconee County, GANewborn lifestyle photos in Bishop, GA


When doing newborn lifestyle photos in your bedroom, think of your linens and how it will go with your outfit choices. I recommend white linens so that the eye goes straight to your family members without a lot of distractions. Pops of color can be nice, as shown here. The blue border of the bedding mimics the blue in the family’s wardrobe, baby’s bow and will look great with the colors in baby’s nursery.

Newborn lifestyle photos in Athens, GANewborn lifestyle photos of sleeping baby in Bishop, GANewborn lifestyle photos in Atlanta, GAAthens, GA newborn lifestyle photos

Location #2 – Nursery

Notice how the colors of the bedroom pictures coordinate perfectly with the nursery. Any of these newborn lifestyle photos can be hung in either of these rooms without clashing. They can also be grouped tother in a gallery wall in other areas of the house and they would work seamlessly. All great things to think about when planning your portraits.

Oconee County Newborn lifestyle photos

Simple newborn images

If you are drawn to studio style images for your baby, no worries. I bring what is needed for those sweet and simple newborn images that highlight your newborn. These images aren’t heavily posed, but rather more baby led posing with some simple adjustments to make sure everything looks good. Babies belong in arms of loved ones and in safe environments that make sense for newborns.

Bishop, GA Newborn lifestyle photos

If you are looking for newborn lifestyle photos for your family as you welcome a new baby into the world, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am currently booking through the end of the year.

Book newborn lifestyle photos during second trimester

It is best to get on the calendar in your second trimester to ensure a spot is available for when your baby arrives. I pencil your session in on the calendar and leave plenty of open spots around your due date, so if baby arrives early or late, there is an opening for you. Inquire for information and to reserve your spot.  | 706.713.0676

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Athens, GA Heirloom Children’s Portraits

Heirloom children’s portraits are a staple here in the South. For many, it is a tradition that is carried down through the generations. Enlarged prints are hung with love in homes next to other family members’ heirloom portraits. Many are printed on canvas, some on fine art paper and others choose to have them painted. All are framed and are lasting documentation on childhood during a certain timeframe.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of a little boy.

When you choose to have heirloom children’s portraits taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography, I help you every step of the way. You receive tips on styling, where to shop, what to bring and what to do with your beloved photographic artwork.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of a little girl.

Heirloom children’s portraits are classically lit and feature either a white backdrop or a hand painted muslin. Your choice of backdrop when booking your own heirloom session. For the heirloom portrait events, the backdrop is seamless white. If you are booking an heirloom session for yourself, you have the option to come to the Yvonne Niemann Photography home studio, or I can come to you. When I travel to you, I essentially bring the studio with me. Easy peasy. Heirloom portrait events take place at my home studio in Oconee County.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of toddler

I have several tricks up my sleeve to get the attention and cooperation of toddlers. I also utilize chairs, stools and benches that photograph beautifully. Of course, sibling shots are always welcomed when booked together.

Athens GA heirloom children's portraits of siblings

If you would like heirloom children’s portraits of your precious littles, contact Yvonne Niemann Photography today for information and to be added to the calendar. You can book your own heirloom session or book a time slot at one of the heirloom portrait events. These limited edition events take place quarterly. The Summer heirloom portrait event is August 17th. Follow me on Instagram and/or sign up for the newsletter to find out when future events will take place.  |  706.713.0676

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Athens Newborn Photographer | One Week Old

As an Athens newborn photographer, I love being welcomed into families’ homes as they welcome their babies home. This family had me over when their little one was just a week old. Big sister was about a year and a half and was super sweet with her brother, although a bit protective too. Don’t blame her one bit!

Family infant portraits by Athens newborn photographerFamily Athens newborn photographer portraits

Love the color palette the family chose for their newborn portrait session at their home in Watkinsville, GA. Their home is decorated in pale gray and is light and airy.  The pastel blue, white and khaki was perfection. Will coordinate well with their decor when they display their beloved portraits on their walls and throughout the house.

Simple portraits by Athens newborn photographerBaby in Moses basket photos by Athens newborn photographerAthens newborn photographer portraits

One great thing about doing a newborn family photo session at home, is that you get to showcase your favorite rooms where you spend time with your family. This sun room made for a wonderful location for some more candid images. This is where they spend a lot of time together and the light is just divine!

Lifestyle portraits by Athens newborn photographerBaby details by Athens newborn photographerParents with infant portraits taken by athens newborn photographerAthens newborn photographer photos

If you are wanting newborn portraits in the comfort of your home, contact Athens newborn photographer at Yvonne Niemann Photography today! I’d love to discuss details with you and to add you to the calendar.  |  706.713.0676


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