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Child Portraits Jekyll Island

Last Summer, I did some sessions on Jekyll Island. These child portraits were a lot of fun and just a small part of the two families larger sessions. The younger three girls are dear childhood friends. What a treat to get some images of them together. The teenager is my daughter and they asked her to be in some images with them too. She has known the young lady in the flowered dress for years and they have a super close bond. The other two ladies in blue and my daughter met during our stay on Jekyll and they all took a liking to each other. My daughter is not only their babysitter, but also like a big sister to all three!

Child portraits on Jekyll IslandChildhood friends portraits on Jekyll Island

We stopped at this walkway while driving to the main historic area where I was getting family pictures of the two families before dinner. Such a great spot for capturing these four. I know these will be treasured and bring back Summer memories through the years. It was such a great time, that we are doing it all again this year!

If you would like portraits taken on Jekyll Island during the last two weeks of June, contact me as soon as possible for details. I’ll be sharing images from both of these families’ sessions in the near future. Stay tuned for beach and historic sessions!  |  706.713.0676


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Teenage Portraits In Jekyll Island

What do you do when two friends happen to be vacationing at Jekyll Island at the same time? Why, you have teenage portrait taken at the location of their choice of course! These two have been friends since second grade and they are about to be Seniors in high school. Cannot believe it. They happened to be in Jekyll at the same time and even had the same dresses packed. It had rained earlier in the day, but the sun came out just in time for their portraits. The girls chose the historic area of Jekyll for portraits to have a very distinctive feel of the island. Perfect for these two.

Teenage portraits of friends on Jekyll IslandTeenage portraits Jekyll Island wedding venueTeenage portraits in historic Jekyll IslandTeenage portraits of a Junior girl in historic Jekyll IslandJekyll Island teenage portraits Teenage portraits in Jekyll Island

I will be heading to Jekyll Island in June. If you would like portraits while I am in town, let me know and I’ll share all the details!  |  706.713.0676  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing images from portrait sessions on Jekyll Island. Stay tuned!

Southern Heirloom Portraits

Southern heirloom portraits

Southern heirloom portraits are a staple for families in the South.

These classic timepieces are works of art that are meant for displaying on your walls for years to come. They are the portraits that will be passed down to your children, their children, and for even more generations to come. Many families like the aadd theses southern heirloom portraits next to the ones from the past. They become  tradition.

Imagine your heirloom portrait taken when you were three years old and now your own children each have their heirloom portrait taken at the exact same age. Will you dress them in what you wore at that age or will you have something made or purchase a traditional outfit from Feltman Brothers? Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong!

Traditions start with you. So, if this isn’t something that you did as a child, then why not start it with your own children? For me personally, my mom and daad both had heirloom portraits taken as children, but it isn’t something that was done for my sister and I. When my daughter was born, I decided to start up the tradition agin.

Join in on the tradition – May 4

The Spring Southern Heirloom Portrait Event takes place on Saturday, May 4th from 10-3pm in Oconee County, GA at the Yvonne Niemann Photography home studio. Inquire for details and to book your spot!  |  706.713.0676

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