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Southern Heirloom Portraits

Southern heirloom portraits

Southern heirloom portraits are a staple for families in the South.

These classic timepieces are works of art that are meant for displaying on your walls for years to come. They are the portraits that will be passed down to your children, their children, and for even more generations to come. Many families like the aadd theses southern heirloom portraits next to the ones from the past. They become  tradition.

Imagine your heirloom portrait taken when you were three years old and now your own children each have their heirloom portrait taken at the exact same age. Will you dress them in what you wore at that age or will you have something made or purchase a traditional outfit from Feltman Brothers? Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong!

Traditions start with you. So, if this isn’t something that you did as a child, then why not start it with your own children? For me personally, my mom and daad both had heirloom portraits taken as children, but it isn’t something that was done for my sister and I. When my daughter was born, I decided to start up the tradition agin.

Join in on the tradition – May 4

The Spring Southern Heirloom Portrait Event takes place on Saturday, May 4th from 10-3pm in Oconee County, GA at the Yvonne Niemann Photography home studio. Inquire for details and to book your spot!  |  706.713.0676

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