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Fun Outdoor Ballwin Family Photography

This Ballwin family photography session from this past summer was so much fun and such a special treat for me! I had been photographing older brother since he was three months old and had captured many of his important milestones and birthdays. NOW, he had a little brother who I got to meet for the first time and capture when he was three months! So special.

It was a HOT morning, but this family did great with it. There were times that little brother wasn’t having it, so we let him cool off in the air conditioned car and take breaks when needed. We moved up onto a hill that gave us some relief with a soft breeze, which helped out a lot too. Once up there, he loved cuddling with mom and hanging out with the family. These brothers really love each other and big brother really looks out for the little one! So cute to witness. Baby brother makes the cutest facial expressions and when he smiles, it just lights up everyone around him. I honestly think it would be hard NOT to smile in this family though. You can tell from these images how much fun they have together!

Now, big brother is such the charmer! I was told that he LOVES wearing his hat in the images below. A bit obsessed with it actually. So, of course we got images of him in his favorite accessory. He was a bit shy about it at first, but after a few minutes he was all laughs and had fun playing games! His parents brought another family favorite – the red wagon! I love it when families incorporate cherished items into their family portraits and this wagon made for some fun images of mom and son together. Once Mr. C  got out of the wagon, he gave mom big hugs. I love how these two act together. When you scroll down and see the image of these two laughing, you’ll notice how similar their faces are as they share giggles together. Melt my heart.

Another moment that happened that totally made my heart sing was watching Mr. C with his dad up in the field playing together. I told them to just be themselves and do what they enjoy doing together. As I was switching out my lens, I noticed dad pick a couple blades of tall grass and hand one to his son. They then started having a sword fight! It was adorable. I instantly started photographing this scene because, as a mom myself, I know how much it would mean to this family to have a photo like this. In fact, when mom walked over near me while this was unfolding mom put her hands over her heart and told me how watching her husband with their boys like this makes her fall deeper in love with him. I think all of us moms can relate to that feeling! This is why I think family photography is so important throughout the years. It’s just another way to hold onto those cherished moments while flooding your soul with the love that you have for those closest to you.

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“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” ~ NELSON MANDELA

Adorable child photos in Ballwin, MO by Yvonne Niemann Photography
Fun Ballwin family photography by Yvonne Niemann
Authentic family photos of parents with their child playing taken in Ballwin by Yvonne Niemann Photography.
Sweet Ballwin baby portraits outside taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography
Beautiful mother son images of a baby with his mom in Ballwin by Yvonne Niemann Photography on location.

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