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Photographing Families | Oconee County, GA

There are many things that go into photographing families – before, during and after every session. Let me take you behind the scenes a bit into a family portrait session!

The planning process of photographing families.

When you book a session with Yvonne Niemann Photography, I will send you a questionnaire to help me customize your portrait session for you. This mom stated that she wanted updated family portraits in a natural setting with flowers. Either blossoming trees or wildflowers. Preferably a field and nothing overly manicured. She also mentioned that she wanted assistance with her family’s wardrobe. Once I had all the information from her and what she was envisioning, I was able to start thinking of locations and what type of outfits to suggest. I knew, from the questionnaire, that where she would be displaying her images, those rooms had a lot of light gray and other neutral colors. With all of that in mind, I put together an inspiration mood board, which you can see below.

Family portrait inspiration mood board

The mood board included links to where she could find the outfits in the correct sizes of each family member. She ended up purchasing some of the exact items for her family and used the other pictures as inspiration when shopping. The peach dress her youngest daughter ended wearing is one they borrowed from the Yvonne Niemann Photography closet.

Photos of a family in a Spring field of wild flowers in Watkinsville, GA.

Location Scouting.

Location scouting is one of my favorite things when planning a photo session for my clients. Nothing like being in nature trying to find the perfect spot for what a client is envisioning. I did a lot of location scouting for this family’s portrait session. We were trying to get a location with either blossoming trees or a field of wildflowers. When the cherry trees and Bradford Pear trees were in bloom, they had other commitments with their daughter’s gymnastics. Luckily, after competition season was over, this field of wildflowers was in full bloom and the weather was perfect too. The fresh green grass and trees along with thee purple and yellow flowers made for the perfect setting. Their outfits would work with the the blossoming trees just as much as this particular field, so we were all set regardless of what was in bloom during the time of their session. Win!

Sibling photos in a field near Athens, GA.Teen boy photos in a field in Oconee County, GA.Tween girl photos in a field of flowers in Watkinsville, GA.Photos of a little girl in a field of wild flowers in Oconee County, GA.Showing the bond between sisters is important when photographing families.

Session Day.

The day of a photo session, I review everything my client and I discussed regarding their session. I make sure my batteries are charged, I have film and SD cards and all my gear is in working order and packed in my camera bag. I also bring treats and sometimes even little puppets to get the attention from little ones. For this family, the puppets were not necessary due to their ages, so I left those behind. I did bring a little emergency kit that contains things like bug spray, nail polish remover, a small brush, safety pins, hair spray, clear hair ties, bobby pins, wipes, lotion, etc… I always bring a tiny step ladder since I am only 5’2″ and need extra height many times during a session.

Photos of a dad with his children in a Spring wildflower field near Athens, GA.

The day before, I sent an email confirming our meeting location and time that also included a map that was marked showing where we would be meeting and the field that we would be photographing. When everyone arrived, we chatted for a bit and I gave them a game plan of what we would be doing. I do give direction to ensure everyone looks their best, but there is also a lot of play and and fun during the session too! Prompts and activities for family members to do are helpful to ensure we are getting natural and meaningful images.

When photographing families, getting images of dad with the children is important.

If possible, I like to get images of mom and dad alone together. For many couples, the last time they had professional images taken together was on their wedding day. Your love is worth documenting and celebrating all along the way!

When photographing families, make sure to get portraits of the parents alone.Portraits of a mom in a field of wildflowers in Oconee County, photos in a Spring field of wildflowers in Watkinsville, GA.

I always try to get as much variety as I can during a session, so even if we aren’t moving around a lot, there are plenty of images to choose from and will tell a family’s story. This tree was within the field we were shooting, so we utilized this area just a few yards away to change things up a bit and give a different feel to some of their images.

What to wear for Spring and Summer family portraits.Sibling portraits in Spring Oconee County, GA field.what to wear for your Spring and Summer motherhood photo session in Georgia.Spring family portraits in a field in Oconee County, GA.

After the session.

As soon as I get home from photographing families, I always make sure to download and back up all images from my SD cards. Cannot risk losing these precious images. The next work day, I begin culling, processing and fine tuning images.  When all the images are complete, I upload images to an online gallery and shopping cart. I then send directions to my client on how to access everything and help them with the ordering process. This family chose to purchase an heirloom album containing all the images from their session. I helped them select fabric for their cover, debossing choices and got a list of their absolute favorites to help me in designing the pages of their album. Once the album was designed, I sent a proof over for review and approval. Once approved, I sent the design to my vendor. Enlargements and framed pieces were also ordered for their walls. Once all orders came back to me, I looked everything over for quality control and once I was satisfied, I packaged it all up and scheduled delivery, which was hand delivered that very next day. They ended up getting a 12″x12″ heirloom album, which you can see images of below.

Heirloom album from a family portrait session in Oconee County, GA.

I hope these details on how I go about photographing families is helpful for you. I really try hard to make the experience a fun and smooth. I know that there is a lot of things that my clients do to get ready for their portrait sessions and while I cannot take all the stress away, I sure hope I can ease some of it and help out with as much as I can.

If you would like to book a portrait session, contact Yvonne Niemann Photography today to reserve your spot on the calendar. The session above was a Signature Session. Shorter Simplicity Sessions are also available. Inquire for details.  |  706.713.0676

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Newborn Photography Product – Heirloom Album

Yvonne Niemann Photography offers a carefully curated photography product line to archive and show off your session portraits. The Heirloom Album is one of the newer products and has become a very popular option for clients. The album shown here was from a newborn session at a family’s home in Oconee County, GA. They chose a beautiful neutral silk cover fabric called Rosewater. This fabric is a beautiful handloomed organic silk from India. I love the texture of this fabric. Very refined and timeless. The cover is embossed in gold with the baby’s name and birth year. Wonderful way to keep things organized and personalized.

Newborn photography product - the Heirloom Album.

Pages of the Heirloom Album are soft to the touch and highlights images individually. Between each page is vellum, which is translucent frosted paper. This allows every image to keep your focus while revealing the next image in a beautiful and unexpected way. You get a hint of what is to come through the sheer vellum and the portrait is then unveiled as a special gift when you turn the sheet. This special touch makes these albums an experience while viewing your most prized portraits. Two sizes are available – 12″x12″ and 18″x12″. The album shown here is 12″x12″.

If you would like to see an Heirloom Album in person or any of the other fine photographic products offered at Yvonne Niemann Photography, contact me to set up an appointment. You can see images online here on the website as well under the product tab. Inquire for more details! | 706.713.0676

Additional blog posts highlighting the Heirloom Album below.

Family Heirloom Albums

Family Portrait Products Offered By Athens, GA Photographer

Yvonne Niemann Photography offers a curated collection of heirloom portrait products that can be enjoyed throughout the generations. Digitals are great to have, but there is nothing like holding tangible photographic artwork in your hands and displayed throughout your home.

Before packaging up a client’s order, I took a few images showcasing a couple popular products – the matted folio and the heirloom album.

Matted folios make wonderful gifts. Each folio is covered in a natural linen bookbinding fabric and finished with a silk bow. Inside there are two matted 5″x7″ fine art prints. Great for displaying open like a frame or closed on a desk, table, piano or shelf.

Folio pictures showing one of the many family portrait products offered by Athens, GA photographers.

Heirloom Albums are a wonderful way to archive and enjoy all your portraits from a single photo session or your favorite images from several sessions. This family chose to upgrade their album to include five years worth of portraits in their album.

Many fabric choices are available, but the textured silks are a favorite among clients. You can choose from having text embossed on the front cover or an embossed wreath. Pages are soft and display individual images for the large format print experience. This also keeps the focus on each image. Albums are available in two sizes – 12″x12″ and 12″x18″.

Photo album book pictures showcasing Heirloom Album in Athens, GA.

If you would like to see samples of any of the portrait products offered at Yvonne Niemann Photography, let me know and I would love to meet with you! You can see additional images and information on the products page here on the website too. | 706.713.0676


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