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Wildwood Children’s Photographer – Boys!

Yesterday, I had a fun portrait session with a family in Wildwood. Their youngest boy had just turned 7 months the day of his session, which made things even more special. He’s so cute! Full of smiles and a round face that reminds me of a china doll. I just love baby rolls at this age and he modeled it well for us! Big brother took some time to warm up, but once he got to know me we played hard and he even sat still for a minute or so to allow me to get a few pictures of him. OK, to be honest, the sitting still part wasn’t exactly his idea, but I kept his interest just long enough… 😉 Thank you D family for allowing me to capture your family during this time in your lives! Enjoy the sneak peek. More to come!

Portraits of brothers at their home in Wildwood, MO.

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