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sentimental german figurines

Today I was cleaning the house and paused a bit when I picked up these lil’ German figurines. Memories just came flooding back. These belonged to Michael’s great aunt, Emma, who passed way this past year at the age of 100. When we would go to Emma’s house, Lily would go straight to the coffee table and start playing with these figurines. She was just fascinated with this boy and girl as a baby. I would try to get her to stop playing with them as I was afraid she’d break them and I knew that they are quite old. Emma would always tell me that it was OK. If they broke, it wasn’t a big deal. “They’re just material things,” Emma would say with a shrug. Emma was such a wonderful and kind lady and I learned a lot from her.  I’m so thankful that these figurines were passed down to Lily. They may be worn and old, but that’s what makes them so perfect. I don’t know the full story behind these, but they are quite sentimental to my family. Such a beautiful thing!

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