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Tangible Professional Photos

“The simplest things give me ideas.” ~ JOAN MIRO

Tangible professional photos in an heirloom box offered by best Athens, GA photographer.

I believe strongly in tangible photography products and the Heirloom Box is just one of the many high-end offerings at Yvonne Niemann Photography. In this digital age, many times people don’t print their images, even their most important and cherished photographs, which I believe is a huge mistake. I have always loved holding pictures in my hands, flipping through albums and staring at framed portraits of my loved ones. It has given me a glimpse at my grandparents’ lives as children, young loves, new parents, friends, grandparents and then great grandparents. It has let me know my parents a bit better as I saw pictures of them with grass-stained jeans, mischievous smiles, awkward prom pictures, smiles of adoration towards my sister and I and the joyful moments caught by the camera that let me see things with a different perspective now as an adult and parent myself. It really makes me happy to know that my daughter, and some day her children, will have the same glimpse into her family’s past. I make a point to archive photos that I take in printed form as I know technology fails and there is something priceless about looking at tangible photographic images versus those on a computer or electronic device. It is something I have always wanted for my clients as well, which is why I have always strived to find the very best heirloom quality tangible photo products to offer in my business.

The heirloom box shown above holds maternity and newborn portraits as loose prints that have a white border. Each box is covered in a natural linen material and is handcrafted by artisans in California. One side hold the cherished photos and then there is a compartment that is great for adding sentimental items, such as a hospital bracelet, first pacifier, baby booties or perhaps a rattle. It serves as a sort of time capsule, but can be enjoyed now and throughout the years when you want to be reminded of a certain time in your life.

Other tangible heirloom photographic products are available through Yvonne Niemann Photography. Inquire for details.

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