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Summer Family Portrait Music Video

Last week I photographed this lovely family for their updated portraits and to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. It was a beautiful morning, perfect for a family photography session. When I pulled up, I noticed an area with beautiful yellow flowers and knew that we would have to use it for a few images before the sun took over that spot. Both of these two lil’ ones really like flowers and so this was a great place for them. Little sister seemed to enjoy them the most at first, but big brother warmed up and jumped right in a bit later. Throughout the session we played a lot of games and got some real smiles and laughter from everyone. Gotta love that! Such an honor to create images for this family once again before I move to Athens, GA in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the music video. I’ll miss the four of you.

“The best way to pay for a lovely  moment is to enjoy it.” ~ RICHARD BACH

~Video Expired~

Athens, Georgia |