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Sisters | Athens, GA Newborn Photographer

“In the eyes of children, we see the light God promised at creation.” ~ Michael Gurian

portrait of sisters - five year old holding newborn in Athens, GA.

There is nothing like sisters. Their bonds are like no other. You can already see the love big sister has for her baby sister in the image above and I think the feeling is quite mutual. I bet they will have a lot of fun times ahead of them.

The newest addition arrived about a week ago and has obviously found much comfort in her new family. She is so laid back. When they arrived, this sweet lady was sound asleep and stayed that way for quite a while even with all the noises, prodding and handling of her siblings. Pretty amazing actually. I bet once she figures out her nights and days her parents will get much needed rest again. She is such a sound sleeper!

I had a hard time figuring out which image to share for this family’s sneak peek, but decided on the one shown here as it really tells a story of instant love between  sisters. I just adore the look on both of their faces. Big sister looks so happy and proud as she holds her infant sister in her arms. Pure sweetness.

Stay tuned for more!

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