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Preparing For An In Home Family Photo Session

As a family photographer, I get to photograph families at various locations – indoors and outdoors. Each has their own place and purpose.

In home family photo sessions are a great option for when you want to document your home life in a relaxed and meaningful way.

This is where your family’s story unfolds. It is your comfort place. Most children love showing off their rooms, toys and favorite nooks throughout their home. Choosing these areas as the backdrop for your family photos is a great way to keep these memories alive and to remember this time of your lives.

fun lifestyle family photos of parents playing with their children at their home in Five Points, Athens, GA.

Choose rooms that have meaning.

Whenever I do an in home photo session, I ask if there are any special areas or rooms that you would like to be photographed in. Bedrooms always seem to make the cut as this is where many of us spend a lot of our time. They are also full of personality with the way they are decorated with the occupant’s style and belongings.

Other popular areas for in home photos include:

  • Living room
  • Sun room
  • Kitchen
  • Play room
  • Yard
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Favorite tree or other site on family property
  • Front porch
  • Window seat
  • Dining room/breakfast nook

Think of areas that your family spends time and that you really want documented for yourself and your children.

You will want to tidy up the areas we will be photographing, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. I often move things around a bit depending on angles and lighting needed.

In home family photo session on bed of parent's room in Five Points, Athens, GA.

In home family photo sessions always include authentic lifestyle moments captured through my camera as well as images where there is a bit more direction and eye contact. I like to do a mix of both types of images for families. These are never stiff portraits though. Relaxed, cuddly, loving, fun, meaningful.

Plan an Activity

Planning an activity for your family to do during your in home photo session is always a great idea! What are things that you notice that make your heart go pitter patter? What do your children love to do? What does your family like to do together? Is it the way your child colors with determination and passion? Is it how your family gathers around the kitchen island as you bake or cook? Does your little one love watering the flowers in the garden? Do you enjoy picnics in the back yard under that certain tree? Do your kids play and explore in the woods behind your home or elsewhere on your property? Take note of the moments you cherish to most and let me tell your family’s story through my lens!

Storytelling Activity Ideas

  • picnic
  • casual breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • crafts
  • hiking/family walks
  • gardening
  • boating
  • pool time
  • tree swing fun
  • reading
  • playtime
  • horseback riding/grooming
  • baking cookies
  • tea party
  • board games
  • bedtime routines
  • bathtime
  • learning to ride a bike
  • collecting eggs/produce/flowers
  • skipping rocks

Including an every day activity in your portrait session will make your finished photos that much more meaningful. It will also put everyone at ease without the pressure of “being on for the camera,” which lends to authentic images that also highlights your family’s dynamics, individual personalities and connections.

What to Wear

Choosing what to wear and styling is always a big part of the finished photos. Your wardrobe will depend on what type of activities you will be doing during your session as well as your surroundings. You will want to coordinate your family’s outfits with each other as well as with the rooms/areas we will be photographing. I am here to help you, so don’t stress! I will assist you before I show up for your family’s in home photo session, but I can also help you finalize things if needed once I arrive. It is one of the benefits of doing a session in the comfort of your home!

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