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At Home Family Lifestyle Photo Session

This family’s lifestyle photo session at their home was so much fun! They really wanted images that showcased them as a family at their home. So glad that they opted for this type of session as it really showed their family dynamic and their personalities. I love how sweet, loving and fun they are together. We scheduled their lifestyle photo session at a time that would give us great light inside as well as outdoors to take advantage of all their favorite places. Worked out perfectly!

At home lifestyle photo session images of a family on the parents bed in Athens, GA.

The next images really make me smile. I love both the cuddly images and the fun images of dad wrestling with his kiddos! This is who they are and I love how their story unfolds through the lens of my camera.

Lifestyle photos of a family cuddling and wrestling on the parents' bed in Five Points Athens, GA.

I have to take a moment to mention how PERFECT their outfits are!!! Love neutral color palettes like this and it really fits their home nicely, which is decorated in light and airy colors and decor. What I love about neutral colors for clothing for portrait sessions is that it really keeps the focus on the most important subjects – the family members. Nothing distracting. GREAT example of what to wear for a family photo session.

At home photos of parents with their children on their bed in Athens, GA.
At home sibling photos on parents bed in Oconee County, GA.

When we moved outside, we started with some sweet portraits of the parents together. I love capturing images depicting the love of couples. For many parents, the last time they had their photos taken professionally alone was at their wedding. It is so important for couples to have images like this for themselves and for their children.

Anniversary photos of a couple at their home in San Diego.
At home photos of a family in San Diego.
Photos of parents with their children in the family's yard in San Diego.

As I drove up to their house earlier, I noticed the beautiful landscape that graced either side of their driveway and I knew I needed to get images there. So glad that I did. The light was heavenly, gave us more variety and produced stunning images. It also gave us a perfect place to get images of dad with his daughters that he has had done since they were tiny!

San Diego family photos taken outside.

We ended their session back inside to get images of each child in their rooms. They were excited to show off their rooms and show some of their favorite things. These lifestyle images are so important to get as it really shows the interests and personalities of each child. Essentially freezing this moment in time. Everyday activities that give families joy end up being cherished keepsakes.

At home lifestyle photos of a little girl playing with her doll house in her room in Five Points Athens, GA.
AT home family lifestyle photos of a little girl playing and reading in her bedroom in Oconee County, GA.
At home lifestyle photos of a little boy with is dog playing in his room.
Lifestyle photos of a boy playing ball with his parents in his bedroom in Athens, GA.

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