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Natural Baby Style

“Carry laughter with you wherever you go.” ~ HUGH SIDEY

Natural baby style of seven month old boy wearing Zara in Madison County, GA.

I had the honor to photograph is precious seven month old yesterday showing off his natural baby style. The moment I arrived, he was all smiles and he continued that the entire time I was at his home in Hull, GA. Such a happy, content and laid back baby!

He is wearing an outfit from Zara that is part of the Yvonne Niemann Photography wardrobe collection that clients can borrow for their own customized portrait sessions with me. This image will grace the catalog that I am in the process of designing to show the carefully selected pieces available, which range from newborn all the way up to tweens.

Mr. C was a wonderful model and he shows off this romper perfectly with his gorgeous skin tone and hair. The sitting milestone happens to be one of my favorites with babies. They are usually pretty content sitting and taking in their world from this new height, their personalities are really coming through and they aren’t mobile yet, which makes it super easy to photograph this stage quite easily. When you get babies at this age with their family members, it’s like magic. So much joy and natural connections!

I adore natural baby style that keeps the emphasis on the individual personalities and beauty of babies. If you are drawn to this style of portraiture, contact Athens, GA baby photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography, to schedule your customized portrait session.

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