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Multi-Generational Studio Baby Photography in Athens, GA

I love milestone baby photography sessions where grandparents, parents and siblings all participate in the portraits. There is just nothing like a multi-generational photoshoot! This little eight month old is so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love her! She is such a sweet and laid back baby who truly just went with the flow during their session.

Studio baby photography in Oconee County, GA.

I love her many expressions and those gorgeous big blue eyes! Stunning!!!! Oh, and look at those little teeth that are coming in! Cutest thing EVER!

Multi-generational baby photography in studio near Atlanta.

These kiddos have such a wonderful and loving grandmother. So glad that she decided to be a  part of their portraits. I know it means so much now as it will over the years. Oh, how I wish I had images like this with my own grandparents.

Athens, GA studio baby and family photoshoot.

Big brother adores his little sister and I know the feeling is mutual. They are so sweet together! I know they will have so many adventures through life and I am sure will always be there for each other. Such a tight knit family to lead them by example.

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