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Athens, GA Eight Month Sitting Milestone Photo Session

I love photographing baby milestones! Such magical times that go by so fast. Think of all the changes a baby goes through that first year. Can you even imagine having accomplished so much in such a short time? Document it all!!!! Newborn freshness, first smile, tummy time, sitting, grabbing toes, standing, walking, first tooth…. I recommend scheduling photo sessions around particular milestones instead of actual months. All babies develop and meet milestones at different rates. Some great milestone moments to document with photographic art are newborn, smiling, sitting, crawling and standing/walking. Of course that first birthday is great too, although most parents choose to lump the standing/walking session in with the first birthday.

Athens, GA eight month sitting milestone baby photo session.

This little beauty came in to my home studio for her sitting milestone photo session in Oconee County, GA. We did a petite session, which was perfect for this eight month old baby girl! I absolutely love all her facial expressions. Aren’t they just the cutest?! I also thought it was precious how she would hold her hands and feet. Very proper! Of course I had to get all the scrumptious details of her at this stage in her life. Toes, feet, hands, baby rolls, those big eyes and her beautiful face. Love that her mom dressed her little girl in a family heirloom dress. Absolutely priceless and makes these sitting milestone photos that much more meaningful.

If you are interested in documenting your baby’s first year milestones, contact Athens, GA baby photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography today to set up your appointment and for details. I’d love to discuss session options and how I can customize your session for you.  |  706.713.0676

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