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Family Portrait Heirloom Box

“Beauty is whatever gives joy.” ~ EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY

Family portrait heirloom box with bordered loose prints and a USB.Heirloom Boxes are a great way to archive and enjoy your family portrait art for yourself and the generations that come after you. I know that I love looking at photos of my parents, grandparents and our ancestors. One single picture can tell such a story and I can get lost taking in all the details. I am so glad that my clients will have these type of keepsakes to pass along to their loved ones. Their printed portraits will give a glimpse into their lives at this specific moment of time. I can already picture these two girls looking at these heirlooms with their own children and grandchildren some day. Oh the stories I can imagine they will tell…

These beautiful Heirloom Boxes are covered in an English Linen, hold all the portraits as shown in your session gallery as loose 4 inch by 6 inch bordered prints. There is an extra space for you to add your own photos or other sentimental keepsakes to remind you of this time. It’s almost like a time capsule, but you can enjoy it now as well as into the future.

If you would like one of these timeless heirlooms for yourself, schedule your family portrait session with Athens, GA professional photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography, today!

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