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Those Curls – Child Photographer Athens, GA

“Some people like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path.” ~ JEAN ANOUILH

Child Photographer Athens, GA creates artwork of little girl walking in wooded trail.

As a child photographer, I love creating photographic artwork that tells a story, brings out true personalities and showcases the connections between family members. This little girl, with beautiful ringlet curls, has such a wide range of expressions that are so adorable regardless if she is grumpy or happy. I captured this serene moment as she strolled down the wooded path in search of Ariel, the mermaid. The hunt didn’t last too long as she quickly switched gears and wanted to do something completely different, which as completely fine. Gotta love the independence! Tis the life of a three year old who is fast approaching her fourth birthday. We got some great images of this lil’ beauty and I look forward to photographing her baby sister next weekend. Cuteness overload will result I am sure.

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