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Lifestyle Baby Photography in Watkinsville, GA

“Do not kiss your children, so they will kiss you back, but so they will kiss their children and their children’s children.” ~ NOAH BENSHEA

Classic baby photo of a 3 month old baby boy in vintage red outfit in Watkinsville, GA.

Lifestyle baby photography in the comfort of you home gives a glimpse into your family life for others and for yourself as the years pass. The love and connections really shine through with images like this. That joy in parents faces, simple touches, playful moments and sleep routines all captured to showcase this perfect moment in time.

The above image is super special to this family as the outfit was one that this three month old’s daddy wore for his baby portraits about 40 years ago. Now, his son wears it for his own baby photography session. We tried to recreate the old photograph so that they could be framed and displayed side by side. What a special gift to this lucky daddy, but also to the grandparents to see things come full circle all these years later.

Classic baby photography in Oconee County, GA.Editorial family baby photos on parents' bed in Watkinsville, GA.Lifestyle mother baby portraits in Athens, GA area.Lifestyle baby photos in Watkinsville, GA.

This southern baby’s mom always does such a great job picking out classic baby boy outfits for her son’s baby photography sessions. Such timeless pieces that fits this family’s style while enhancing the surroundings and allowing baby R’s personality to shine through. Great example of what to wear for a lifestyle portrait session.

If you are drawn to lifestyle baby photography and would like images like this for yourself, contact Athens, GA family photographer at Yvonne Niemann Photography today. I would love to discuss details with you!

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