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What To Document At Baby’s Nine Month Milestone Portrait Session

Is your baby about to reach the big nine month birthday and you would like do a photo session, but not sure exactly what to document? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.

There is no reason to stress or feel the need to hold a milestone session on an exact date.

At Yvonne Niemann Photography, I always suggest photographing your baby at certain milestones instead of a specific month during the first year of life. Every baby hits stages of development at different times. There are certain months that most babies are hitting certain milestones, so I like use those timeframes as a guide. Let your baby develop at their own pace and document things as they happen.


If you are documenting your baby’s milestones throughout the first year, consider showing their growth by taking a series of pictures at each portrait session that is the same set-up or location. Below is a good example of this. For this baby’s newborn, three month, six month and now nine month session, I took portraits of baby with her Cuddle + Kind dolls as well as images of her mom and her in this window seat in the nursery.

At home nine month baby milestone session Athens, GA

Milestones – ON THE MOVE!!!!!!

Most babies begin crawling, pulling themselves up and standing while holding onto something around nine months. It is a great time to document as your baby is getting bigger, is most likely on the move (or about to…), and can sit very independently now. Some babies are even beginning to take their first steps. Long gone are the days where your baby will just lay or sit still for long periods of time. Don’t worry, I move fast to keep up with babies to get the most precious images.

Nine months baby milestone at home Athens GA


Their personalities are really taking off around nine months and you will be able to get so many different facial reactions and interaction images with family members. You most likely know exactly what will make your baby smile, laugh or make other adorable reactions that you love so much. Let’s use all those tricks during your session to get exactly what you want to remember about this stage! I have a few tricks up my sleeve too, so all of us working together as a team is a sure way to make the session run smooth.

Mother daughter nine month baby milestone photos

Family Heirlooms

If you have wardrobe pieces that you, or your significant other, wore at this same age as a baby, why not dress your little one in those items! The sentimental meaning of those images will become family favorites. There is nothing like seeing your own baby wearing something you wore yourself. Really brings things full circle. If you don’t have heirloom pieces, consider buying something special that you know you will pass down to your baby when they have their own babies! It doesn’t have to be clothing either. I have clients who have used family heirlooms that consist of jewelry, handmade quilts, blankets, rattles, etc…

Nine months baby milestone session Athens, GABaby's nine months baby milestone portraits in home Athens, GA

The Nursery

There is something so special about documenting your baby and family in your home to really showcase this exact time your lives. You have spent a lot of time decorating your baby’s nursery, so why not archive it to share with generations to come! Your baby is most likely very comfortable in their room since it is so familiar. Let them play and be themselves! This is even a great time to catch a few sleeping images if your session overlaps with nap time. This nine month old little girl has an amazing rocking unicorn and mom wanted to make sure we got some images of her with it, just like we did with her brother around the same age with his rocking horse. She is not at the point where she can rock on it by herself, but she could pull herself up and stand while holding onto it just fine! Mom helped with the riding of the unicorn, which resulted in some adorable and meaningful images.

Nine months Athens, GA baby milestone photographer

Start Planning First Birthday

This is a great time to start thinking and planning your baby’s first birthday party, so having some amazing images to display at the big event is a sure win and one less thing to check off your list of things to get done! Sure, you will want portraits of your baby around their first birthday, but if you need printed portraits for the big celebration, this is the time to get that done. Will give you plenty of time to select your favorite images, get them printed, framed and delivered to you.


I hope these tips help you plan your baby’s nine month milestone portrait session. When you are ready to book your session, contact Athens, GA baby photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography for details and to be added to the calendar.  |  706.713.0676  I’d love to discuss all the options with you and to see if I am the right fit for your needs.

1st Birthday Christmas Photoshoot | Athens, GA

This little lady’s first birthday was documented with a Christmas photoshoot at her family home in Athens, GA. I love it when parents choose to showcase their baby’s milestones while highlighting the season – in this case, a festive tree! Since we held their session at their home, I was able to get images with the tree and then the more traditional images without the Christmas decorations. It worked out perfectly!

1st birthday Christmas photoshoot at home in Athens, GAFirst birthday Christmas photoshoot with festive treeBaby's 1st birthday Christmas photoshoot in Athens, GA

This sweet baby girl is such a delight to photograph. Love her personality. Not sure how mom and dad ever say no to that face. I bet it is pretty hard! I loved documenting her first year milestones and seeing her change right in front of my camera! When I first photographed her, she was just a couple of months old. Now look at her. Sitting, standing and smiling with such confidence! I’m sure that she is more into the wrapping paper, ribbon and boxes at this age than the actual presents. Remember those days?! SO sweet!

She wore this exact heirloom dress for each photoshoot I did for her. Such a special piece and gave great perspective on her growth. This dress was a dress her mom wore when she was just a baby herself! LOVE that!!!! Sentimental items like this are always a great idea to use for your portraits. Great example of how to dress your baby girl for her own photoshoot.

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. It is always that much magical with children in the home! Soak it all up while you can.

If you are wanting images like this of your own little one, consider booking a photoshoot in the new year. There may not be any sessions left this year, but you can still book a session for the beginning of January before you take all your Christmas decorations down. Of course, any time of year is a good time to document those important milestones. Contact Athens, GA baby photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography to book your photoshoot!  |  706.713.0676

Christmas Family Portraits at Jack’s Creek Tree Farm

Such a magical time for Christmas family portraits at Jack’s Creek Tree Farm here in Oconee County, GA. This family was celebrating their son’s 9 month milestone. They chose the tree farm to document this important time, which also allowed them to have images fitting for their Holiday greeting cards.

Such a great personality on this little man! Inquisitive, happy and a big cuddle muffin. Doesn’t red look great on him too?! Love that classic cable knit sweater that really popped against the green trees and his parents outfits.

Love that the sun was shining and how it glowed magically behind the trees. It really added to the final family portraits!

Dad came straight from work and his family lit up when he was around. Such a sweet trio that you know has a ton of fun together.

Family portraits at Christmas tree farm in Oconee County, GA

We ended the session with a few images of the loving parents. Always a good things to get mom and dad alone. Many times, the last time they were documented like this was at their wedding. Parents deserve portraits showcasing their love too.

If you are looking for Christmas family portraits like this, don’t hesitate to contact Athens, GA family photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography. Would be happy to discuss details, options and to find a place for you on the calendar. Inquire for information.  | 706.713.0676

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