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1st Birthday | Milestone Photographer Athens, GA

As a milestone photographer, I have the privilege of watching babies grow through the lens of my camera. Since babies develop at different rates, I always recommend photographing milestones of a babies life instead of an exact month. This little lady came in for her first birthday milestone, which happened to be when she was able to stand on her own and take a few steps! Such a change from her newborn photo session.

1st birthday milestone photographer Athens GA

Mom dressed her in a dress that she wore herself at the same age. I love it when families incorporate sentimental and heirloom items for their children’s portraits. Pink sure looks good on this Southern belle!

1st birthday milestone photographer portraits in studio Athens GA1st birthday milestone photographer photos with balloons Athens GA1st birthday milestone photographer ideas Athens GA

Her mom dressed her daughter in this pink tutu that is a part of the Yvonne Niemann Photography wardrobe closet. Very fitting for the festive occasion.

Balloon 1st birthday milestone photographer Athens GA1st birthday milestone photographer portraits of girl with balloons in Athens GA

This is one of my favorite set ups that I do for a baby’s first birthday milestone photo session. The simple white balloons are fitting for the occasion, but they also don’t distract from the birthday girl/boy, add interest and gives the baby something to do. The simple white floor and walls also keep the eye on the most important subject. The sheer drapery and window is always a fun thing for a baby. I mean, what baby doesn’t like to play peek a boo and look out the window?!

In studio portraits by 1st birthday milestone photographer Athens GA

If your baby is getting ready to celebrate their first birthday or any birthday, this is always an option for you! Just let me know that you would like this in the studio and I will make it happen. I would be honored to be your baby’s milestone photographer. Send me a message or call for details and to set up your portrait session.  |  706.713.0676




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