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Best Time to Photograph Baby’s Sitting Milestone

I photographed this handsome Southern baby boy the other night to document his sitting milestone! It is such a great time to photograph your baby and to showcase all that have accomplished so far!!!

As a baby photographer, I often get asked when the best time is to photograph babies. Most people are thinking first month, three months, six months, nine month and first birthday. Makes sense! This is when the books and doctors tell us some of the important milestones happen. As a mom, I thought that those months were magic. I would watch my little girl and look for those milestones to happen. If they happened early, I was thrilled, but if it was a bit later, I would worry something was wrong. Luckily, all was good and my doctors reassured me that it was perfectly normal. Those months and dates are just guidelines.  All babies develop at different rates and are on their own schedules.

I suggest photographing your baby at certain milestones instead of a specific month during the first year of life.

baby's sitting milestone photo in a field of white flowers in Watkinsville, GA.

There are many first milestones that babies hit during their first year and they are all worth capturing. One big milestone is when your baby sits on his/her own. For photography purposes, when I mention baby sitting on its own, I mean for more than a few seconds and is very sturdy. Usually this happens around six months, although many times closer to seven months or later for some. For others, it may be even earlier. When your baby can safely sit up by itself without falling over easily, this is the time to contact me to get on the calendar for their sitting milestone photo session. Around this time, your baby is probably interacting with others, grabbing those sweet baby toes and their personalities are starting to shine too. All wonderful things to document!

As for time of day….do what works best for your baby.

Think of their schedule, when they are their happiest and what type of setting you want for their portraits. The sun is quite magical right before the sun sets and right after the sun rises, which is why most sessions outdoors revolve around those hours. But, in my mind, if your baby is not happy during those times, you won’t get great images regardless of how beautiful the light is. So, don’t worry if your baby doesn’t do well at those “magic hours” as I can work with all lighting situations and have many different locations to choose from that will work at various times of day. Leave that up to me. One less thing for you to worry about. This image above was taken about three hours before sunset. Mom chose this time as it is a time of day that her baby is happiest, temperatures would be warmer and the grass would be dry. All important things for her baby’s mood and the setting she was wanting.

When you are ready to book your baby’s sitting milestone photo session, give me a holler and we can discuss details and we can find a date and time on the calendar for you! Want to document a different milestone? Not a problem! Contact me for information. I’d love to capture these treasured memories to keep close forever though photographic artwork.  |  706.713.0676


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