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Athens, GA Spring Cherry Tree Blossom Portraits

What’s not to love about cherry tree blossom portraits?! Such a beautiful gift Mother Nature gives us every Spring. The colors are divine and evoke peace and femininity. This three year old beauty was the perfect lil’ Southern model among the blooming cherry trees. This Tutu Du Monde dress is just the perfect thing to wear in this type of setting.

We had received a lot of rain prior to this morning session, so the ground was quite wet, but this area was actually quite fine due to the hill we were on and all the clover. It worked out perfectly! She got to explore the rows of cherry trees and their glorious flowers! She even discovered a limb that had fallen with blossoms still in tact, which she gifted to her mom after the session. Such a sweet heart!

I love the detailing in this dress! The tulle, beading, sequins and ruffles give a lot of interest, but still keeps the focus on the beauty of this little girl. This Tutu Du Monde dress is available for Yvonne Niemann Photography clients to borrow for their own sessions. It is a size 3/4T. Perfect for Spring and Summer portrait sessions.

If you are interested in Spring portraits, this is the time to get on the calendar. Check out this other blog post for tips on how to prepare for your upcoming cherry tree blossom portrait session! Sessions fill up quickly during this time of year and the blossoms don’t last long. Inquire for session details and to schedule your portrait session today! | 706.713.0676


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