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Winter Family Portraits | Oconee County, GA

Fall family portraits in a field in Athens, GA. Winter family portraits in a field near Athens, GA.

I have photographed the kiddos of this family many times in the past, but these Winter family portraits marked the first occasion that I had the opportunity to photograph the entire family together! Such a treat for me. They live in my neighborhood and moved in around the same time we did, so it was only natural that we would become friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Their son is the same age as my daughter and are in the same homeroom in school. Their daughters get a lot of hand-me-down clothes and toys from our lil’ girl as she outgrows them. Mom and I are workout buddies and share a special bond through our friendship. Dad shares a passion for the outdoors and yard/home care with my husband. Super sweet family who have shown their Southern hospitality over and over while teaching us a few things about true Southern living.  (Seriously….how would I have known how to eat boiled peanuts or that you can bury fresh grape juice to make wine?!)

Such an honor to photograph this family of five! Their youngest girl has a ton of energy and loves to RUN. Boy is she fast too!!!! Her siblings adore her and did a great job wrangling her back to the group when needed. Oldest girl loves getting her picture taken and was quite the poser. She also wanted to play the same games her brother played with her dad, which I was more than happy to oblige! Mom has such a peaceful way of interacting with her children and is so loving with everyone in her family. Dad is super thoughtful, caring and playful. All great things to capture through my camera! Love the connections between these family members and their individual personalities. They are truly blessed to have each other!

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