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Three Months Miletone| Athens Baby Photographer

Athens, GA three months portrait of a baby girl with her mother.

Yesterday I got to spend part of my day with this beautiful lil’ lady for her three months milestone photo session at her home in Athens, GA. She is such a sweet heart, just like the rest of her family. Isn’t she just perfect with those eyes, lips, porcelain skin tone and perfectly round head?! I seriously could not get enough of her! She is what I would call an angel baby. Super laid back and not fussy at all. Just goes with the flow, takes in her surroundings and feeds off the love and comfort given by her parents.

This portrait session was a gift from this little lady’s grandmother, which is such a wonderful thing to give to a loved one. There is nothing like the gift of portraiture to add to your family’s heirlooms. This family really understands the importance of telling ones story through family items. In fact, most of the clothes of this little lady was worn by her mommy when she was a baby. Items in the nursery were all passed down from her mommy as well. So sentimental and touching to see how these keepsakes are being passed down through the generations. Really shows the love and thoughtfulness of this family to take such great care of these valuables so that they can be enjoyed by those who come after them.

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