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Where To Take Family Photos When Weather Is Bad

If you have ever had your family portraits taken, you most likely wondered where to take family photos when weather is bad. Sure you can usually reschedule to another date, but what if that is not an option for you? What if you are on vacation, traveled for your session or your schedules just don’t allow you to postpone your family portraits? What do you do then? Well, luckily for you, it is my job to come up with alternatives and options for situations just like that.

photo of mother holding her baby girl in a hotel room in Frontenac

Indoor locations for family photos.

Obviously, the first thing you will want to do is think of indoor options that will shield you from the elements. Most will opt for their home as this is a familiar setting and will be meaningful. But, what if you are traveling and nowhere near home? What if you cannot come to my studio here at Yvonne Niemann Photography? Well, don’t worry. There are other options. This is not always an easy task as many places require permits, have fees or don’t allow professional photographers. I do a lot of research to find out where I can go for a back up indoor locations, which helps me give solid suggestions to my clients. I take care of gaining permission for access to places ahead of time to ensure we don’t run into any problems when we arrive.

The images shown here were all taken in a hotel room. It was a cold, rainy and windy day, which did not lend to being outside for family portraits. We chose to hold their session in the comfort of my hotel room in St. Louis since it was already booked as my home away from home while I was in town for commissioned portrait sessions. It also had beautiful light and neutral colors. No permits or extra fees were required since I was staying in the room and were not venturing out elsewhere on the property. Easy peasy and resulted in beautiful family photos. I actually take a lot of family portraits on beds with white linens anyways, so this is very similar to what I do at a family’s home.

Example of where to take family photos when weather is bad while on vacation

Some other ideas for indoor locations when weather is bad.

Libraries, conservatories, greenhouses, hotel and museum lobbies are all good ideas to check out. Perhaps you have a favorite place that has meaning to your family like an ice-cream shop, diner, bowling alley or an indoor display at the zoo. Think outside the box and have fun with it! Of course, a lot of logistics goes into obtaining the correct indoor location, but when everything falls into place, it really pays off.

Three month old baby giggling on bed with white linens at a hotel in St. Louis

Take cover outside for portraits on rainy days.

Sometimes you don’t want to be inside and the weather isn’t so bad that you absolutely cannot be outdoors. For example, let’s say the weather is calling for a strong chance of rain, but it isn’t supposed to be windy or super cold. Just wet. You really have your heart set on being outside or at least having some outdoor elements in your background. What do you do? I like to find places that have pretty overhangs like pavilions, buildings with large coverings or covered walkways. Even certain garages can be lend to pretty portraits. Again, some of these places will require permission, permits and perhaps fees, just like the indoor locations mentioned, but it is my job to take care of all of that!

Embrace the elements!

Another great option when the weather isn’t TERRIBLE is to just embrace the elements! I have items to protect my gear from light rain and snow. I also don’t mind getting wet or being cold, so if you are up for being outdoors in those conditions, I am perfectly fine with it. Now, if it is raining sideways or it is really raining hard, this won’t be an option, but many times it is perfectly fine to be outside when it isn’t the most ideal day. Do you have kiddos that love to play in the rain? Does your family like jumping in puddles with umbrellas and fun rain boots? Do you enjoy snuggling and playing in the snow? Are you OK bundling up in layers and have some fun in coats, scarves, hats and winter gear? Well, maybe a session out in the elements is perfect for your family!

Most of the time, people would rather opt to move their session to another date that is more appealing and will work with the outdoor backdrop their have their heart set on, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. Don’t worry. If you are open for a change of scenery and can be a tad flexible there is always some sort of option to make sure your family portrait session takes place regardless of the weather. It is my job to come up with solutions and to help make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

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