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Oconee County, GA Fun Family Photo

Such an honor photographing this family yesterday at my place in Oconee County. They are such a sweet and fun-loving family. LOVE that they brought their dog with them for their petite family photo session too! Their four legged friend was their first child and is a big part of the family dynamic. I was seriously impressed with how well behaved and trained their dog was. I kept some treats in my pocket and rewarded often. Luckily the commands I use for my dog are the same for this beauty, so that helped too.

Fun family photo taken in the woods near Athen, GA

When I clicked the shutter of my camera, I knew this would be one of my favorite images. I cannot get over how happy and adorable everyone looks. Look at their pup with her big smile and pep in her step! LOVE!

This family love spending time in the great outdoors and they seemed right at home in this wooded trail setting. Lots of space to explore, nothing impeding the view of the shortest family member and no worry of their furry friend with traffic. I love how the five family members interact with each other. Such fun and love between all of them.

Mom did a great job with the family’s wardrobe. Everyone coordinates so well together without being matchy matchy. The little girls are wearing outfits from Mini Boden, which always has such wonderful options! Love the gray, white, and gray color palette. Very fitting for their surroundings too. Great example of what to wear for outdoor family photos.

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