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Tween Natural Beauty | Spring in Athens, GA

Portraits showing tween natural beauty in the Spring surrounded by dogwood trees in Athens, GA area.

Dogwood trees are in full bloom here in Georgia! They made for the perfect backdrop to highlight my daughter’s tween natural beauty. We have a lot of these beautiful flowering trees in the woods behind my home, which I also use for portrait sessions. I have been wanting images of my daughter with these stunning trees in the Spring, so I blocked out some time for a quick petite session with her. I am so happy with the images I was able to get of my baby girl. She is growing so fast! I look at her many times a day and am still amazed that she is mine. So fortunate to have such a kind and thoughtful girl who has a wonderful personality. She is insightful, inquisitive, sometimes a dreamer and other times super silly. I love that she still likes to cuddle with her parents and spend time with us. I want to hold onto each and every moment. I feel like time is passing way too fast and images like these freezes time though photographic art that I can cherish forever. Some of these images are going to be added to one of my Fine Art Image Boxes and others will be enlarged and placed proudly on my walls.

If you would like images among the natural dogwood trees while they are still in bloom, contact Athens, GA family photographers at Yvonne Niemann Photography today to schedule your session. These trees won’t be flowering for too much longer, so take advantage of their beauty while you can.  |  706.713.0676

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