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Teen Athens, GA Photography

Had such a good time photographing this sweet teen girl in downtown Athens, GA. We did her session a couple of hours prior to sunset during Athfest, which gave us a lot of variety in just a few blocks. We actually started on campus to get some dancing images and then we headed to some city scenes after a quick outfit change.

Teen Athens GA photographyTeen Downtown Athens GA photography

A short walk took us to another area that gave us a lot of different looks! We did a couple outfit changes in this area too utilizing some hidden steps and her mom on guard for privacy. Taking off the jean jacket gave us a completely different look that complimented the fresh green trees and bushes. Love the sparkle of lights from cars and street lights. Clean urban is the best!

Teen Athens GA Urban photographyTeen Small Town Athens GA photography

Around the corner was a beautiful fountain in her school colors.  Go Oconee Warriors!

Teen Athens GA photography by fountain

Another outfit change. So pretty in pink! Really pops out against the greenery and hydrangeas.

Pretty in Pink Teen Athens GA photography

Across thee street, we utilized some Southern architecture for this teen’s portraits. I thought the hot pink dress was very fitting with the white pillars.

Teen Athens GA photography with Southern architecture

As we were walking back to our cars we stopped for a few last images with the carnival rides in the background. Perfect way to end this teen’s session!!!!

Teen Athens GA photography at fair

I love all of her outfit changes and how we could use such different type of backdrops for her in a small radius of town. Everything was within walking distance and we were done before the sun set. If you would like images in a clean urban area, consider downtown Athens as your location. If you don’t mind some crowds, consider holding your session while there is an event going on. I know pockets of places that are more private and not congested and then towards the end when you are more comfortable, you can get images where there are more activity surrounding you. Kind of the best of both worlds. Location scouting is one of the many conveniences I offer for each of my clients. So, if you aren’t sure where you want your session to take place, leave it up to me! I will find the perfect backdrop for you!

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