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St. Louis Newborn Photographer | Sydney

Sydney’s newborn photography session was also her one week birthday! She has gained some weight and is getting used to life in this world already. She also has strength that I’ve never seen in a newborn before. She lifts her head with purpose, pushes herself forward with her legs and once it looked like she was trying to sit up. I was in total amazement with her skills. What great accomplishments for such a young age! Sydney is pretty laid back and loves laying in her her daddy’s arms or on his lap. She has a pout that I’m sure will come in handy when she wants to get her way in the future too. Look out dad! Thankfully mom and dad have some great help in the house with grandma in town. Enjoy this time. It passes SO fast. Congrats and enjoy the sneak peek!

St. Louis City Newborn Photographer

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