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St. Louis Maternity Photographer | Breathe…

The weather almost delayed this session, but thankfully the rain stopped just in time last night. Thank goodness, as we were able to get some beautiful portraits documenting the pregnancy for this lovely growing family! When I was scrolling through images from this session last night, I stopped at this one as it really speaks to me. I love how the light is surrounding her and how she seems to be taking in this moment before her baby arrives. It’s as though I can feel her breathing calmly as mother nature hugs her with comfort and warmth. There’s a serenity to this portrait that really speaks to me and this moment in a soon-to-be mom’s life. Enjoy! I hope we all can remember to take the time to just BREATHE!

St. Louis maternity portrait taken on location in nature by Yvonne NIemann Photography


Athens, Georgia |