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St. Louis Family Portraits | Pure Joy

Fall is in full swing in Saint Louis and last night was perfect for family portraits! The rain held off long enough to allow us to capture some fun moments of this family. They are so sweet together. I think that a single word can describe this family – JOY! They have an ease about them that is so comforting and brings much happiness to all family members. Mom mentioned that she doesn’t get in front of the camera much as she’s usually the one behind the lens. I’m sure most of us moms can relate. I know that I’m guilty of that myself. Always taking pictures of family moments and then I forget to give the camera to someone to document that I was actually there too. I think it’s so important for us parents to get in front of the camera, even when it’s not comfortable, as it’s such a wonderful gift to our children and the generations to come. I know that I love looking at images of my mom, grandmother, great grandmother and other family members from my childhood as well as those before I was even born. I’m so happy that these parents decided to get out of their comfort zone a bit for the sake of documenting their family. Check out their blog, Third Story(ies). Super cute blog documenting their family and all their projects. They are quite the creative bunch! In the meantime, enjoy their sneak peek. Just one image for now, but many more to come!

St. Louis Family Portraits taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography

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