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St. Louis Family Photographer | Time with Grandpa!

Last night I got to capture family portraits of three generations, which I find to be so special. I only wish I had some portraits of my time with my grandparents. That’s why I decided to share pictures of grandpa with grandsons for this family’s sneak peek. These boys adore their grandpa and even though they play a bit rough with him, grandpa seems to truly enjoy their play time together. (I’ll share images of the boys tackling grandpa soon – so cute!) I love the quiet times they had last night when grandpa was reading to the boys and when we met up with the family again at the playground, grandpa naturally gave the boys some pushes on the swings. I think these images really showcase the bond between grandsons and grandpa and the joy they bring to each other. Enjoy the sneak peek!

portraits taken with grandfather with his grandsons in St. Louis by Yvonne Niemann Photography

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