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St. Louis Children’s Photographer | My Lil’ Lady

I joined a 52 week challenge with a group of photographers where every week we have an “assignment” based on a theme. This week’s theme is high key. I decided to capture my lil’ lady, Lily. She was already playing with my jewelry on my bed and had fallen asleep, so it was an easy task. Funny how she didn’t seem surprised when she woke up to the sound of my camera shutter. (hmmmm….I wonder why that would be?!) Check out those last two images…she has three teeth all hanging in by a thread and so the next time I take a picture of her I’m sure her smile will be totally different. 🙂 Technically, these aren’t really high key, so I cheated a bit, but I decided to be a rebel and break the rules.

Five year old girl all in white

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