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St. Louis Child Photographer | Beginnings!

This morning I took my daughter out on a location scout and did a lil’ portrait session with her at this beautiful scene I happened upon. Isn’t it serene and gorgeous? I swear I heard angels sing as I came across this area. My daughter was excited to feed the ducks, run around and hug her beloved lambie. As I look at these images, I’m reminded of all that is just beginning – summer, hatched eggs that bring life to chicks and other birdies, blooming flowers into the new season, entrance of Kindergarten for my daughter this coming school year, teeth breaking through where baby ones have left, fireflies, etc… I just love all the seasons for different reasons, but today I realized just how beautiful the beginning of summer really is. Thank you mother nature for all you provide. I’m happy to make use of your beautiful scenery for personal use as well as for my wonderful clients. Let summer begin!

Summer morning portraits around the St. Louis area taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography.

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