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Spring in St. Louis Makes for Beautiful Baby Portraits

Look who just turned ONE! Congrats baby R on your first birthday. What a beautiful time of year for baby portraits in St. Louis! All of the trees are in full bloom right now, which really adds to outdoor photography. This lil’ man has already been walking for a couple of months already, which is pretty amazing! Such a difference from his fall baby photo session where he was more interested in tasting leaves and was just starting to figure out crawling. His mom did a great job coordinating outfits for their family portraits all the way down to the lace of baby R’s shoes! We picked this particular location because mom mentioned that her favorite thing about this time of year are the blooming trees, especially magnolia trees. The pink flowers of these trees are just heavenly and delicately romantic. Most magnolia trees have branches that are higher off the ground, but this particular location had a couple of trees where the blooms almost caressed the top of the earth. Perfect for photographing babies who are lower to the ground! Baby R seemed to really like the flowers and enjoyed running around the blooms and having some play time with his parents. I picked this particular image for this family’s sneak peek for several reasons. First, I love how the magnolia tree blooms surround mom and baby acting almost like confetti celebrating baby R’s birthday! I also love how R’s blue eyes really stand out on his sweet face. Finally, I adore how even though he walks very well on his own and is showing independence, he still loves the connection of mom’s hands from time-to-time. The way R is holding onto him mom’s two fingers and how her other fingers gently surround his hands in comfort just melt my heart. It’s such a simple gesture that has so much meaning. Love, care, trust, tenderness and support all in one. These are also traits that carry on through life. Things we all need. I know baby R will always have these elements in his life as he grows up with his parents who just adore their little boy. Congrats and enjoy your sneak peek. Much more beautiful images to come.

“The greatest pleasure of life is love.” ~ EURIPIDES

Spring St. Louis outdoor baby portrait surrounded by magnolia tree blooms.

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