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Spring’s Beauty

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ LAO TZU

Golden grass and rosemary plants in Athens, GA.

Autumn used to be my favorite season of the year, but since moving to Georgia, I have to say that it has quickly changed to SPRING! Oh my goodness it’s breathtaking here. Beauty surrounds me and is everywhere I look. Mother Nature is a huge romantic here in the South. The delicate wheat colored grass that is soft to the touch almost tickles you and the abundance of rosemary is absolutely amazing. I have never seen rosemary grow as it does here. Up north, it was common to plant rosemary in pots that you could take in during the winter, so they stay relatively small. Here, rosemary is planted in the ground and is almost like a bush. I love the way the smell releases as the plant brushes up against me as I walk by and I can’t help but to rub my hands in the greenery to take the fragrance with me. I am so in love with Georgia and all the beauty around me. Where have you been my whole life?!

Athens, Georgia |