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Professional Infant Photography


I had the great honor to photograph this adorable baby girl this past weekend. I have been capturing this family’s images through my camera since their first baby was born almost five years ago. This sweet infant is such a good baby. Doesn’t fuss really at all, super sleepy and is just very laid back. I remember her brother being the same way. I adore her dark thick hair, full lips, round face and long fingers and toes. She may end up being a wonderful piano player like her mom with those fingers! I loved hearing all the sweet sounds she makes. Oh, how I miss those baby sounds!

Big brother is already smitten with his infant sister and is such a good helper. No problem getting him to cuddle and give sisters to his sister at all. I know that bringing a new family member home can be a bit hard on the older siblings, but not with Mr. R. He adjusted rather quickly!

It is so neat to see how each child take son traits from their parents. I think big brother looks a lot like his dad and I can see very clearly that baby E looks a lot like her mom. The gals in the family both have dark hair, the same lips, skin coloring, long fingers and face shape. I am curious to see what color her eyes become. Right now they are bluish gray, but mom and dad said that they have already changed a little in the short time baby E has been in this world.

New life is such a miracle and it is a privilege to be welcomed into families’ homes to document these early  moments. It is not something I take lightly. If you would like professional infant photography of your new baby, contact Athens, GA newborn photographer at Yvonne Niemann Photography today for details and to get on the calendar. It is best to schedule your session while you are still pregnant to ensure we are able to capture those early moments in your child’s life. Most newborn sessions take place within the first two weeks of life although I do photograph babies at all ages, so if your lil’ one is a older than two weeks, not a problem! In fact, this lil’ beauty featured here was three and a half weeks old when I photographed her.  |  706.713.0676

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