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Preserving Baby Memories with Photographic Prints

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” ~ JOHN W. GARDNER

Two year old baby boy portraits in image box.Love these heirloom boxes that preserve memories with photographic prints and personal keepsake items all in one place. Great treasures that I know will be enjoyed now and for years to come. I’ve been photographing this one year old since he was still in his mom’s belly. This box is perfect for holding his portrait prints from maternity, newborn, six month and one year photo sessions. A favorite blanket makes a nice addition to the heirloom box.

Baby boy's photographic heirloom box.English linen covered Neve Albums image box.

Each box is handmade by artisans and finished in an English linen fabric. Such a classic and timeless addition to anyone’s home. If you would like an heirloom box for yourself, contact Athens, GA baby photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography, to make an appointment. Summer sessions are almost all booked and Fall sessions are just starting to get on the calendar. Grab your slot before they are gone!


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