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Parents’ Love | Athens, GA Newborn Photographer

I love photographing the connections between new parents with their newborns. The purity and raw emotions of parents’ love is so touching to witness during those first days of their baby’s life. It is such an honor to create artwork for these families that will become sentimental keepsakes. This family’s portraits give a glimpse of the happiness, love and wonder that they had as they first welcomed their baby girl into this world and into their home. Both parents couldn’t get enough of their little princess and I love the looks on their faces as they take her in with all their senses. There really isn’t anything better than a newborn’s smell after a bath, their adorable sounds, the feeling of their tiny hands gripping onto your index finger and the hypnotizing breathing pattern. It’s all so wonderful and miraculous! Just to imagine that just a few days prior, this little human was in the womb and is now in your arms. It’s almost mind boggling. These parents kept mentioning this exact amazement throughout their photography session with me and it is something I can completely relate to as a mother myself. The connection is so deep and strong from day one and only builds from there.

“Rare is the union of beauty and purity.” ~ JUVENAL

Photo showing the connection between mother and daughter taken by Athens, GA newborn photographer, Yvonne Niemann.Pure photos of mother and infant girl taken by Athens, GA photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography.Sweet portraits of father giving infant girl a kiss taken by Athens, GA newborn photographer, Yvonne Niemann.natural photos of new family with their first child taken by Athens, GA newborn photographer, Yvonne Niemann.Photos of baby girl sleeping and with her dog photographed by Athens, GA newborn photographer, Yvonne Niemann.

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